Inner Selves: a pathway to our authentic self

Expanding Consciousness through Dialoguing with Sub-personalities

By Lorena Colarusso R.I.H.R.  Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

Dialoguing with sub-personalities is a psycho-spiritual tool through which we can evolve our self-awareness of both our conscious inner selves and the parts we have repressed through our life journey. From a multitude of archetypal energies available to form our personality, individually we develop 5 to 7 primary selves or sub-personalities.  Our sub-personalities evolve from an integration of environmental, family, social, spiritual and psychological forces rooted in our childhood and soul’s journey.  Forces which originally intended to protect and defend us through the development of sub-personalities may in present time prevent us from making conscious choices.  They may keep us frozen in patterns that no longer serve us in present time.   Through Sub-personality Dialoguing, we can be facilitated to connect energetically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically with our inner selves or parts.

Our psyche is made up of a variety of sub-personalities or inner voices that can drive us to behaviours that are out of our control when we are unconscious to that energy activated within us.  Dialoguing with Sub-personalities enables us to become aware of when a particular self has flooded us, clouded our lens of perception and limited our scope of awareness and choices.

We interact in the world and relationships through these inner lenses of selves. Originally, as children, these inner parts develop to protect our vulnerability.  As humans we all must protect our vulnerability to survive as children.  Through Dialoguing with Sub-personalities we expand our awareness of how we protect ourselves and identify the parts that emerged in our psyche. We also become aware of those selves, parts, aspects that we had to repress and suppress in order to adapt and survive.  As we expand consciousness of our sub-personalities and disowned or repressed parts, we bring choice into our lives.  That is, conscious choice in our decisions, feelings and behaviours instead of being driven unconsciously.  The more developed and self-aware we become of the complexity of our personality and its interplay in relationships through our inner selves or parts; the easier it becomes for us to experience peace within ourselves and intimacy in relationship.

Our unconscious mind is the ocean in which our disowned parts float and play havoc with our emotions and relationships when they remain submerged and out of awareness.  As we explore and heal both these amazing inner primary selves and understand their origins and positive intention, we can through acceptance and witness experience transformation.  We can also access and transform the energy of our disowned selves with guidance, skill and protection. This powerful work can bring balance to inner polarizations, healing to our child selves, clearing to our split or frozen emotions.  Dialoguing with Sub-personalities is a means of exploring our inner consciousness while opening up to access our full potential and connecting us to the authentic essence at the core of who we are.

Lorena Colarusso teaches Dialoguing with the Sub-personalities in the Transformatinal Arts College, Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program.

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