Creating a Mindful Life


A Mindful life is a unique experience for each person.

Mindfulness training is a pathway of tapping into the potential the Mind has to activate and restructure the brain and create health on all levels.

Mindfulness is a compassion-based approach with a multitude of brain changing benefits.

Through evidence-based science, a revolutionary understanding of the neuroplasticity of the brain reveals that the adult brain is changeable and continues to develop throughout life.    We can change our brains through mindfulness and self-compassion much like we change our muscles and bodies through physical exercise.  Mindfulness can be compared to a type of physical fitness or physiotherapy for the brain.   Through discipline and practice, new neural networks and pathways within the brain are developed first short term and then with ongoing practice they remain long term.

Mindfulness training has been researched and documented with key benefits mapped and linked to many parts of the brain.

It is a form of attention training rooted in non-judgement.  It enhances skills of concentration and intention.  This deliberate process of paying attention in a specific way activates the brain and creates states of mind that change brain structure. The flow of information and energy creates changes through the brain, brain stem and bodily systems resulting in mind, body, psychosocial, psychoemotional and intrapsychic health.

Ultimately Mindfulness develops the skill of present moment living allows access to deeper experiences of joy, balance, peace.  Through a process of developing inner and outer attunement, relationships can become more connected with deeper empathy and intimacy. This reconnection expands as the experience of vastness and interconnection into the depths of consciousness grows through mastery.  A sense of compassion for self, others and beyond emerges creating evidence-based changes in the pre-frontal cortex and the middle brain.

Mindfulness works through the mind and heart, through meditation, inner journeys and exercises.  

Mindfulness can

  • help us understand our emotional selves, interpsychic selves and strengthens the emotional regulation systems
  • soothes our complicated threat and fear systems
  • Gives pause to our drive and impulse systems affecting reactivity
  • Soothes and enhances our secure attachment systems
  • Sharpens our ability to concentrate and focus
  • Develops mental coherence and insight
  • Supports our bodily and immune systems
  • Builds self-awareness and self-confidence through compassion

Mindfulness Coaching and Energetic Sessions

Each session includes a Mindfulness Practice:  Meditation and Facilitation.  Also, a Coaching component to identify and transform blocks to Mindfulness development and practice.  The client can choose any mediation or practice listed.  The program is designed to teach and grow mindfulness skills of sustaining and shifting attention.  Sessions can be facilitated on Skype or in person.


  1. Re-inhabiting the Body Guided Meditation and Focusing Awareness
  2. Physiological Bodily Reconnection
  3. Breath Focusing and Emotional Clearing Facilitation, accessing the Witness and observing emotions and reactions
  4. Concentration and Anchor Points, Sound, Mantra Facilitation
  5. Linking with our Wise Self
  6. Loving Kindness Meditation


  1. Intrapsychic awareness, mapping of inner selves to expand consciousness
  2. Inner Critic and Perfectionist Facilitation
  3. Pusher and Striver Facilitation
  4. Nurturing the brain with energetics and words of nourishment and self-compassion
  5. Development of the Aware Ego Process, non-attachment and separation from inner selves with the power to choose behaviour

Development of a Compassionate Mind

  1. Compassion Skills Facilitation
  2. Recent positive experiences of compassion
  3. Compassion through the timeline, past to future rewiring the neurons
  4. Development of Presence from Inner Stillness

Relational Mindfulness

  1. Nourishing a secure attachment system Facilitation
  2. Empathetic Communication Facilitation
  3. Intrapsychic parts compassion Facilitation


  1. Perceptual Positions Facilitation
  2. Transforming Negative Self-Talk with Heart Centred Affirmations

Expanding Consciousness through Energy and Information Flow

  1. Energising the 7 Bodily Chakras Facilitation
  2. Opening the Heart Chakra System Facilitation
  3. Activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakra Facilitation
  4. Unified Chakra Facilitation

Connecting to the Ocean of Consciousness through Mindfulness

  1. Belvaspata Core 12 Pairs of Emotions Facilitation
  2. Belvaspata 16 Rays of Light Facilitation
  3. Belvaspata Heart Energies Facilitation
  4. Belvaspata States of Being Facilitation

Mindfulness Manifestation

  1. Connecting to the Authentic Self and Soul Purpose
  2. Mindsight for clarity and contrast to reveal the essence of desires
  3. Invoking the States of Being and Heart Energies to manifest

Mindfulness and Character Development

  1. Returning to self-love and original expanded state of pure potential
  2. Reconnection to self, source, love and family constellation

Intuitive Mindfulness

  1. Opening up the interconnected channels of brain and heart intuition
  2. Awareness of bodily wisdom and intuition

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