Shamanic Reiki Facilitator

Shamanic Reiki Facilitator series integrates the power of Usui Reiki with Shamanic Practice.  Shamanic Reiki is deeply connected to mother earth, nature, the elements, and great spirit. Each path on its own has energetic healing potential.  Integrated their potential is amplified and  new healing processes evolve that are unique to the blending of Shamanism and Reiki.

Shamanic Reiki Facilitator Workshops are facilitated by Lorena Colarusso.  To find out about Lorena’s credentials click here.

Usui Reiki provides the foundation as the original Reiki path.  Together the movement is profoundly into the heart and crown chakras, fueled by third eye shamanic sight and intuition rather than prescribed hand positions. The combination moves from channelling energy into a deeper consciousness and expansion with spirit.

Dates and locations will be announced.

Prerequisite:  Usui Reiki Level 2

Shamanic Reiki Worksops consists of the following.

Four One-Day Workshops held Monthly (Click on the first Workshop for more detail)  Stay tuned as each Workshop is posted.

  1. Shamanic Reiki Essentials
  2. Shamanic Reiki Journey
  3. Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections
  4. Shamanic Reiki Mastery Soul Retrieval

Attunements and Initiations

  • Munay Ki Rites Foundation
  • Usui Master Attunement
  • Shamanic Reiki Attunement

Shamanic Mesa

Shamanic Mesa is a Sacred Cloth, personally selected and specially folded to carry 12 stones that will be activated for healing throughout the program.  Details will be provided before each Workshop

The Reiki Trance blends with Shamanic practice to open an altered shamanic state allowing for journeying into shamanic realms of consciousness, the upper world, middle world and lower world.

Workshops Include

  • Workshop Materials
  • Protocols and Tools for each Process
  • Demonstration
  • Personal Journeys and Development

For further information contact Lorena

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