Couples and Family Soul Constellations

Couples and Family Soul Constellations is a coaching, facilitation and energetic process that has been reported by facilitators and clients around the world, to produce healing shifts of consciousness in individuals and their family. It is based on the family constellations facilitation developed by Bert Hellinger. Family Constellations is a world wide movement facilitated in groups and individual sessions for over 30 years.  It is a type of consciousness work that moves beyond the personal or individual consciousness to the collective consciousness of the family.

Family Soul Constellations Facilitation and Coaching are approached from a variety of perspectives, Lorena facilitates with an integration of shamanic energetics, ancestral connections, family communication and relationship dynamics coaching. The Shamanic Family Constellations session is an energetic, coaching and facilitation session.

Family Member or Couples Coaching Sessions

These sessions integrate family constellations systems knowledge about entanglements and loyalty bonds, ancestral soul with communication facilitation and teaching.  Frustrations are identified and communication styles explored along with present moment coaching to deepen understanding and reconnect the relational field.  Sessions can be Mother/Daughter or Father/Son or any combination of family members.  Sessions can also be Couples Coaching based.

Shamanic family constellations is a  multi-dimensional soul and a relationship dynamics healing process can generate moments of insight into awareness of the bonds, influences, loyalties to ancestral unresolved energetics.

Individual Shamanic Altar Sessions

In an individual session the facilitator may set up an altar with objects to create energetic connection with ancestors and family members. The facilitator and client may connect directly with the energy of the family dynamic being explored or family soul. The Shamanic Constellations work is not role playing, nor does it explore the family story or use therapeutic tools to heal trauma, that is all in the realm of psychotherapy.  Shamanic  light journey, ancestral energetic healing, altar constellations, energetic transmission and connection tools are used in the work.

Words are rarely used when connecting to what is referred to as the “field” in family constellation teachings.   Movements body, soul, dynamics and insight happen through family and ancestral soul connection.  Family Constellations language of soul and truth sentences are offered by the Facilitator to support understanding, insight and shifts of perception.

You can contact Lorena for find out more about the Shamanic Family Constellation approach or to explore the suitability of your objective or issue that you are seeking resolution.

To book a shamanic individual or couples/family constellations session contact Lorena.

These Individual, Family or Couples  sessions are not suitable for anyone suffering from severe PTSD, depression, hallucinations, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, compulsive or obsessive disorder, or any other severe and self-limiting mental health condition.

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