Ancestral Constellation Coaching


Ancestral Constellations Coaching is a new service offered through Alchemy Pathways. Lorena’s Family Constellations Training began in 2011.  Present professional development, she is part of Mark Wholynn’s MasterClass for those who have trained live with him.  This is a supervision group based on his book  “It Didn’t Start with You”.

Ancestral Connections Coaching often begin with a Shamanic Journey to explore the state of the flow of life from your family field or soul into your personal aura or field. Family Soul or Ancestral Constellations holds the belief that life force flows from our parents and lineage to us.  When we are disconnected from them due to interrupted bonds or rejection, we are disconnected from this life force flow.

Ancestral Constellations coaching begins with a brief genogram going back 3 generations which capture information that often reveals unexpected and unresolved energetic patterns within the family field.

Mark Wolynn a pioneer in the field of family constellations and inherited unresolved trauma describes four unconscious themes that interrupt our flow of life in his book “It Didn’t Start with You”.  These interruptions have been described as blocks which may prevent us from living fully from our potential and authentic self.

  1. We have merged with a parent.
  2. We have rejected a parent.
  3. We have experienced a break in the early bond with our mother.
  4. We have identified with a member of our family system other than our parents.

A key resolution approach to Ancestral Constellations Coaching is a focus on what Mark Wolynn calls “Core Language” and Soul Language which allows the speaking of truth to shift perceptions in traditional family constellations.

Core Language Map begins with an exercise and series of questions designed to uncover the Core Complaint in present time.  Questions are designed to uncover core language which relates to the four unconscious themes that have been identified through decades of practice. Through a process of identifying feelings and beliefs that we hold about our parents, a movement towards a Core Sentence happens.  The Core Sentence identifies your worst fear at the deepest level.  Often this leads us to important information related to our family field.  The next movement is the facilitation of soul language expressing truth for resolution and shamanic ancestral connections as soul-work.

Many awareness and insights are revealed into the Family Mind or Conscience along with the Family Body and Spirit.  Just as we have individual mind, body and spirit imprints and unique soul, family constellations are believed to hold a shared, collective soul.

Ancestral Shamanic Constellations are rooted in the tradition of Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger from Germany in the 70’s. The original approach is described as phenomenological.  There is a mounting body of research from the field of Epigenetics that supports the intergenerational transfer of cellular knowledge and Epigenetics inheritance.

Session Outline

  1. Sessions begin with Core Language tools that help identify the operating unconscious themes which may be one or more than one.
  2. Creation of a family genogram with as much information as possible spanning three generations.
  3. Core Beliefs are labelled and identification of possible multi-generational origins.
  4. Core Fears are identified and mapped against the multi-generational family system.
  5. Incorporates neuroscience and brain processes.
  6. Utilises Shamanic Journey, Shamanic Energetics and Processes working with transpersonal levels of consciousness.
  7. Integrates NLP and Trance Coaching to uncover your core sentence and Core Soul Language.
  8. Combines both soul connection to the Family Field and analysis of the genogram to identify patterns and themes within the system or field.
  9. Relationship Dynamic Coaching to bring resolution to the interrupted bond.
  10. Shamanic Energetics Retrieval and NLP Future Pacing to imprint perceptions, insights, narrative and self-identity.

To find out more about Ancestral Constellations Coaching Sessions, contact Lorena.

These sessions integrate various credentials and coaching approaches from my professional training.

  • Language, Learning Processes and Neuroscience from NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) ( Master in both NLP and Metaphysical NLP)
  • Family Soul or Field and Ancestral Shamanic Connections
  • Trance and Active Imagination, SSC
  • Family Constellation principles such as entanglements merging, loyalty bonds, unresolved trauma and its genetic transference
  • Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations
  • Mark Wolynn, Inherited Family Trauma and Core Language
  • Energetic Emotional Clearing ( certified with John Ruskan Integrative Processing Centre)
  • Inner Selves Facilitation
  • Shamanic Energetics, Shamanic Journey, Lightbody, Ancestral Connections, Light and Frequency, Spirit Connections, Soul Essence Reconnection
  •  Dr. Diane Poole Heller, Attachment Mastery Coaching integrating attachment styles, developmental bonding interruptions and development of holistic secure attachment skills.

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