Belvaspata Angel Healing of the Heart Workshop

Picture courtesy of Eva Arbenz

Saturday, February 3, 2018:  9:30 am to 5:00 pm  Fee: 195 + taxes 

Belvaspata, Angel Healing of the heart is a beautiful healing modality received by the mystic, healer and Toltec Nagual, Almine.  Belvaspata, both a spiritual development pathway and practitioner certification that integrates, light, frequencies, sound, meditation and sacred sigils.   It focuses on our reconnection to “oneness” and the luminosity and harmony that lies within the authentic Divine Self.

Belvaspata is a heart and mind expansion modality can be experienced as an individual session, a spiritual development workshop or an initiation pathway for practitioner certification.

Belvaspata Level 1 and 2 is suitable for those interested

  • journeying deeper into the realm of love and trust within the heart chakra
  • expanding resonance with the Belvaspata 12 pairs of spiritual emotion.
  • connecting and integrating within their auric field the 16 rays of light and their soul qualities which emanate from the root of white light
  • creating and holding the frequencies of a unified chakra auric field
  • expanding the connection to both oneness, divine light and heart energies through meditation and journey

Belvaspata is a metaphysical pathway.  This workshop and materials are for information and training purposes.  It is not intended to diagnose, constitute medical advice or treatment from mental and physical healthcare professionals.

Workshop Overview

This workshop is both informative and experiential and will take the participant to the Level 1 and Level 2 Preparation in the Belvaspata Angel Healing Pathway.  The workshop is developed as both a spiritual development pathway and as an opportunity to proceed with Certification.

  1. Introduction to Belvaspata Angel Healing of the Heart
  2. Level 1 Study, Meditation and Internalization of the 12 pairs of Emotions
  3. Level 2 Study, Meditation and Internalization of the 16 Rays of Light
  4. Experiential Belvaspata Level 1 and 2 Sigils and Session Demonstrated

The benefits of Belvaspata as a metaphysical pathway are described as:

  • silencing of the mind
  • shifting auric vibrations and frequencies through 16 rays of light
  • clarity, awareness, perception and insight
  • balancing the 12 pairs of emotions
  • development and expanding heart frequencies
  • better sleep and increased energy
  • improved communication with others and self
  • accessing and expanding states of spiritual being
  • inner peace and harmony
  • reconnection to authentic and divine self
  • relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit

Belvaspata Angel Healing Certification

There are four levels of Belvaspata.  These must be completed to attain the designation of Belvaspata Grand Master. Levels 1 & 2 can be done together, followed by the Master & Grand Master Levels together.  There is a 3-month waiting period between the first two levels and the Master/Grand Master Levels which allows you are to practice and integrate the spiritual learnings in preparation for the higher levels.

Following a 6-month waiting period after completion of the Master & Grand Master Levels, you may register on the International Belvaspata Directory of Practitioners.

Level I  – Integration of the 12 Pairs of Pure Emotions
Level II  – Integration of the 16 Rays of Light
Master level  – Integration of the States of Being
Grand Master level  – Integration of the Heart Energies

Within Belvaspata there are several bodies of healing that focus on Enlightenment and Divinity.  These are discussed at the workshop.

©Lorena Colarusso CPC RIHR MNLP.  Please contact Lorena Colarusso for permission to use articles and information on this website.


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