Soulful Connections


Host: Click the link for online booking at Breakthrough Centre in Brampton

Saturday, May 12:  3 pm to 6 pm

Fee:  $45+ HST

Facilitator:  Lorena Colarusso

Soulful Connections is a half day circle which will explore bringing our soulful selves into relationships. This circle is strictly for information and awareness purposes.

It seems that the dynamics we bring to one relationship are often a pattern that we create throughout our connections.  In this experiential circle, you will get the opportunity through information, exercises and journeys to get clarity on the dynamics you want to create and the ones that are barriers to creating soulful connections.

As human beings and soulful selves we need and are wired for connection. We both define and are defined by our relationships, without them we are starved for nourishment, connection and reflections which affect our perceptions about ourselves and the world.  Often, our mental, emotional and spiritual issues are a result of our inability to connect in a healthy, soulful and compassionate way.  Through relationships, the state of our self-esteem, healthy boundaries, mindful compassion and ego strength is revealed.

Together we will learn, journey and explore:

  • identify relationships in your life that you would consider being soulful connections
  • identify important relationships  that you would like to shift into higher levels of soulful connection
  • how mindful compassion is a pathway to creating soulful connections
  • understand what mindful compassion really is and the personal development required to grow mindful compassion
  • identify key dynamics that block soulful connections and personality types where a soulful connection may be a great challenge to manifest
  • gain insight into which chakras lead your relationship connections
  • gain insight into your primary sub-personality that has the psychic responsibility for relationship connections.

Please bring a journal to capture insights from the journeys and exercises.  Also, crystals that assist in relationships and soul to soul connection is an option if you enjoy crystals.

If there is an interest, we can continue on this path of understanding ourselves in relationships and learning to be present in Mindful Compassion with ourselves and with those that we choose to be in a relationship with.








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