Mindful Relationships includes Coaching, Energetics and Counselling as a compassionate pathway that can support the creation of healthy relationships in all dimensions of life.  Mindful Relationships focuses on relationship dynamics, communication skills, clarifying expectations and roles.  The importance of intimacy and connection and the obstacles and challenges to prevent the formation of lasting bonds.  These sessions are information and support and live time teaching of the skills required to be present mind, body and soul. These sessions are not for those couples needing psychotherapy.  The free 30-minute discovery session will help to uncover what is needed.

  • Facilitation can support couples in an existing long-term relationship to understand the relationship dynamics and energetic movements in long-term relationships.
  • Parent-Child relationships of any ages can also benefit from this compassionate approach to mindful communication and mutual respect.
  • Couples who are beginning a new relationship can take advantage of this opportune time, to begin with, clear expectations and set up the dynamics in a healthy way from the start.
  • Couples who are divorcing and need to become co-parents benefit from support during this transitional period for themselves and their children.
  • Individuals who are seeking to create a relationship and may need support in clarifying the energetics and cognitive-emotional broadcast through their mind, body and energy field that lead them to patterns they want to change.

Sessions begin with an understanding of what the present day challenges are in a gentle and noninvasive format.  Frustrations are identified through an expansion of perception incorporated a multitude of coaching and energetic tools.  Intentions are formulated and mutually agreed upon.

To book a free 30-minute discovery session contact Lorena

Mindful Relationships Facilitation integrates the following tools and more

  1. Relationship dynamic coaching to bring clarity and understanding to the difference between love and dynamics.  Dynamics, when explored, can be transformed through awareness, coaching and skill building.
  2. Values and Goals Clarification is useful to bring to consciousness similarities and differences in individual values.  From this foundation knowledge, a new relationship space can be created for the couple which includes both similar and differing values. An inspiring vision can be created for the couple.
  3. NLP Communication Styles and Perceptual Positions support the acceptance, understanding and respect for differences in communication and processing styles and expand empathy and compassion through expanding the perception of each other.
  4. Transpersonal Consciousness adds the dimension of soul and spirit to these sessions which allow when chosen, for couples to drop into a spiritual and energetic experience and connection to each other.  This can include the idea of energetic relationship chords and opening up to higher levels of consciousness including our higher selves or wise selves.
  5. Compassionate Communication and Mindful Listening includes the teaching, practising of key skills that allow us to listen without interpretation or judgement.  This is a multi-level process building on each other to a peak experience of empathetic and compassionate listening.
  6. Personal and Family Soul Constellations which through energetics, dynamics and ancestral dimensions may affect our capacity for alignment to our authentic self and be present and available in a deep relationship.
  7. Child Development and Maturation information and support to expand awareness of the holistic needs at each age and stage of life and how this impacts relationships and parenting.

This pathway may be beneficial if you are interested or need to explore any of the above relationship forms and facilitation tools for present-day challenges.  It is also beneficial as a coaching and potential path to expand your relationship consciousness and open yourself up to deeper levels of connection, healthy dynamics, love and intimacy.  Please feel free to contact me to book a free 30-minute discovery session contact Lorena