Modern Mystic Tarot

Modern Mystic Tarot Coaching Session

90-minute session for $75 during January available with Lorena Colarusso in Stoney Creek or on Skype.  The session will focus on the 2019 calendar year. Contact Lorena

The Tarot is an ancient, archetypal representation of the Hero’s Journey, our psycho-spiritual journey to individuation and returning to wholeness. Each card is a snapshot of the life and events of outer and inner worlds.  Each suit resonates with a specific energy, fire, earth, air and water which can be seen as families of cards.

Holistic Coaching and Shamanic Journey will be integrated to identify obstacles and develop manifestation objectives for 2019.  A variety of Modern Mystic Tarot Cards will be available for your selection.  The reading will incorporate meditation, mystic moon wisdom, energetic transmission, AURA-SOMA® and Crystals.

The Tarot an Ancient Mirror of Life’s Journey

There is no end to our  life journey and story in the Tarot.  With each Tarot reading, a new story begins that mirrors the constant transformation of our inner psyche.  The cards are not tools of creation in themselves, they provide the reflection through archetypal symbol and metaphor of our deep subconscious.  The Tarot gives us the opportunity to detach and observe these archetypal forces of nature as they present themselves in this ancient language of the soul.  We have autonomy to illuminate and focus on the aspects presented at each reading.

The Tarot is not about fate but rather reveals through a resonance of Higher Self and the cards, our true selves.  Our life path, the journey is about possibilities branching in varying directions based on the decisions we make.  The choice of our direction is ours to make.

The Tarot speaks to us in the language of the soul; it uses symbols, metaphors, colour and mythology that resonate with our higher, collective and personal unconscious.  It takes us on a journey towards a deeper understanding of ourselves, through insight, reflection and resonance with the collective unconscious and our subconscious.   The Tarot speaks to us in the language of intuition rather than logic.  Through the use of this language of soul, archetype, imagery and mythology it provides a bridge the flows information from the unconscious part of our mind to our conscious mind.

The Mystical Tarot has may pathways of expressing itself to us:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation and Affirmations
  • Clarifying Goals
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Expanding Perspective
  • Understanding the Past or Present
  • Co-creation and Future Manifestation
  • Accessing the Unconscious through Card Imagery and Intuition
  • Personal Choice and Empowerment
  • Shamanic Elemental Understanding: Water, Fire, Air and Earth
  • Intuition Development
  • Dreamwork
  • Accessing Archetypal and Divine Vibrations

The Tarot and its archetypal mythology were originally designed for use in the royal courts of Europe and for Clergy as a divination tool.  Since the 14th century, there is a multitude of decks, Arthurian, Fairies, Jungian Mystic, Avalon, Romance and more.

The Tarot is divided into 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana is described as mythological Destiny cards and the Minor Arcana as Humankind (everyday life events). The Major Arcana contains mythology and symbolism from a broader archetypal realm than the 56 Minor Arcana and so the Major Arcana can reflect more profound meaning. The Major Arcana is connected to destiny and possibly karma.  It is representative of our stage of psycho-spiritual development.  The Hero’s journey of the Tarot begins with the Fool card 0 and starts again with card XXI, the World.  The innocent, divine child archetype embodied by the Fool or Hero’s journeys through the events, life stages and challenges of the 21 cards in his quest for individuation and integration.  The completion of this integration is symbolized by the World as a balancing and integration of spirit, mind and body.

The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana is divided into four suits that represent a certain dimension of life and relate to the four basic elements of water, fire, air and earth and the four psychological types of feeling, intuition, thinking and sensation.

Suite Element Meaning
Wands Fire Action, Initiation
Cups Water Emotion, Intuition
Swords Air Communication, Intellect, Mental Activities
Pentacles Earth Sensation, Possessions, Physical


The journey of the Tarot is a continuous cycle of new beginnings, completion, death and regeneration.  Each time we travel the Hero’s journey, return and travel again we drop deeper into our dark unconscious and expand our emerging light and consciousness.  Due to its mirror effect, it is a reflective tool that changes every time we shift and change, while at the same time it is a powerful agent of change through its expansion of our consciousness and self-awareness.

To book your session please contact Lorena Colarusso.