Enlightened Consciousness


by Lorena Colarusso

The snow is falling gently creating a cosiness of gratitude and warmth. It is a midwinter’s day as I reflect on the emerging midwinter of my life.  A time of quiet and reflection blowing in on the wind of a hibernation chill.  After decades of frenetic movement towards achievement and success, those inner parts have entered a freeze along with the winter life force energy resting in the roots of nature.

I am wondering if this shift is temporary and the parts of me fueled by fire, the Pusher, the Achiever, will return sometime.  Possibly similar to birds known as “irruptive” such as the Blue Jays that can be seen one winter and disappear the next. Well, my super achiever parts deserve this time of deep sleep, they have served me well over the decades protecting those vulnerable core parts.

It is fascinating how we are in constant shifting and expansion and of consciousness throughout our lives.  Each decade, sometimes, each year and month brings profound inner shifts, redefining ourselves. Parts of us, known as Inner Selves that once permeated our psyche tone down energetically and others once buried become stronger, creating enough balance for the authentic self to safely emerge.  The Authentic Self can emerge once self-compassion floods our psyche and heart.

The gift of self-compassion is the reward for courageous commitment, presence, awareness and honouring of all the parts of us that emerge and transform with each stage of life.  Are you aware of the part of you that needs self-compassion now?  How can you consciously allow inner growth and self-compassion by creating space for this part of you? How can you become a Witness to yourself and by doing so step into a unique consciousness?

For me, after a lifetime of fierce independence, I am making space for a young buried self to emerge that was never allowed to experience dependency.  Working with my Independent Self over the years through Voice Dialogue and Inner Selves Facilitation has allowed that part to dial down its energy and release the defences.  I am excited about this new shift of consciousness and the shifts in relationships, directions and creations that will result.

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