Belvaspata Healing of the Heart

Belvaspata is a spiritual development pathway.

Belvaspata Healing of the Heart session integrates, light, frequencies, sound, meditation and sacred sigils.  The focus of the foundation sessions to facilitate the integration of compassionate heart energies.  The initial session expands our capacity for love and trust and balances the 12 pairs of emotions the impact love and trust.  Our connection to the wholeness of self and earth expands with the integration of the 16 rays or dimensions of light and frequency. Each session builds on these foundations to create greater capacity in mind, body and spirit.

Contact Lorena to book a session or a combined session and preparation for initiation.

Session:  $95 for 1-hour Combined Session and Preparation $155 2-hours

The benefits of Belvaspata sessions are described by Facilitators:

  • silencing of the mind
  • shifting auric vibrations and frequencies through 16 rays of light
  • clarity, awareness, perception and insight
  • balancing the 12 pairs of emotions
  • development and expanding heart frequencies
  • better sleep and increased energy
  • improved communication with others and self
  • accessing and expanding states of spiritual being
  • inner peace and harmony
  • reconnection to the authentic self
  • relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit

Belvaspata Certification is available for those wanting to facilitate sessions for others or pursue this pathway for personal spiritual development.

There are four levels of Belvaspata.  These must be completed to attain the designation of Belvaspata Grand Master. Levels 1 & 2 can be done together, followed by the Master & Grand Master Levels together.  There is a 3-month waiting period between the first two levels and the Master/Grand Master Levels which allows you are to practice and integrate the spiritual learnings in preparation for the higher levels.

Following a 6-month waiting period after completion of the Master & Grand Master Levels, you may register on the International Belvaspata Directory of Practitioners.

Preparation is done online or in person.  Initiations are done in Person.

Level I  – Integration of the 12 Pairs of Pure Emotions  $75
Level II  – Integration of the 16 Rays of Light  $75

Level I and II Initiations $195 granting the Belvaspata Practitioner Certificate

Master level  – Integration of the States of Being   $75
Grand Master level  – Integration of the Heart Energies $75

Master and Grand Master Practitioner Initiations done together $195 granting the Master and Grand Master Practitioner Certificate

Belvaspata, Healing of the heart is a beautiful healing modality received by the mystic, healer and Toltec Nagual, Almine.

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