Family and Ancestral Soul Wisdom Facilitation

A Shamanic approach to Family Constellations and Ancestral Healing

 Family and Ancestral Soul Wisdom is a shamanic healing pathway. It draws upon shamanic wisdom, ancestral healing and family constellations facilitation.

Soul Constellations integrates shamanic principles, ancestral soul connections, family constellation guiding principles including family conscience. It sheds light and healing on the impact of unresolved energetics within the intergenerational family system and soul field. The journeys and movements of soul include both the individual and collective family consciousness.

Ancestral and Family Soul Constellations is a multi-dimensional healing pathway.  It can generate moments of insight and shifts of consciousness which illuminate the nature of bonds, influences, loyalties to ancestral unresolved energetics.

Family Constellations and Language of Soul tools include family mapping  to identify blocks to personal freedom such as unresolved energetic entanglement, enmeshment, rejection, identification and interrupted bonding . Shamanic processes include soul field journey, ancestral energetic healing, shamanic altar constellations, family soul chakra illumination and energetic transmissions.

Soul Guided journaling and exercises are incorporated that retrieve information, soul essence, intuitive information which bring alignment to relational dynamics, conflicted inner selves and soul infused life decisions.

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