Belvaspata Healing of the Heart

Instructor/FacilitatorLorena Colarusso Belvaspata Grand Master

Belvaspata can be practised and studied as a personal and spiritual development pathway or an Initiation pathway with certification. Belvaspata Healing of the Heart is a new consciousness healing modality developed by world-renowned mystic Almine.  It has evolved due to the significant shifts in cosmic laws and energetic earth systems.

Belvaspata Healing of the Heart is a metaphysical healing modality of enlightenment developed by world-renowned leading mystic Almine.  It is a light and frequency-based healing process that involves pathways such as meditation, sound elixirs (music), poetry, the tracing of sigils (ancient writing that holds Light and Frequency) and other mystic modalities

Belvaspata, levels of study taking the initiate into expanded connection with cosmic emotional frequencies, rays of light, heart energies, spiritual states of being

Initiative Level 1

For the Initiate Level 1, the Belvaspata spiritual pathway begins with moving from polarity and duality to harmonizing and internalizing the 12 pairs of emotions.  This pathway is a collective consciousness expansion connecting the initiate to the collective soul group.

  1. Preparation for Initiation is the study, internalization of the 12 pairs of emotions of new cosmic consciousness.  Integration of the 12 bands of emotions of the Cosmos creating a unified field.  Integration and expansion into the 12 frequencies of emotions. Each pair of emotions represents a ring in its masculine and feminine aspects. Through the integration of these frequencies, they become strengthened within us and more easily generated within a session.
  2. Introduction to the components of Belvaspata, Sigils, Angels, Language of Light, Sound Elixir
  3. Leads to competency in facilitating the Sigils of Love Belvaspata Session

Initiate Level 2

Level 2 initiation connects the initiate to the planetary grid.  Masters tell us that each time Belvaspata is transmitted, it affects all humanity through the initiates’ connection to the earth grid.

  1. Preparation for the Level 2 initiate is the study and internalization of the 16 Rays of Light.  This pathway is to embody the 16 Rays of light which have the Infinite Goddess Mother of all creation at its root of white light that contains frequencies of all colour. Each Ray of light has its colour and quality.  The more we understand and appreciate these qualities, the more they are available to us. Level 2 affects the four loser bodies of the planet.
  2. Leads to competency in facilitating the Sigils of Light Belvaspata Session

Master Level

Master Level initiation removes the illusion and connects the Master to the cosmic grid.

  1. Preparation for the Master Level initiate is the study of the 12 pure pairs of states of being. Each State of Being Sigil has a specific healing intent.  At the master level, the four bodies of the cosmos are described as being affected by the sigils.
  2. Leads to competency in facilitating Sigils of Love and Light, States of Being and some advanced sigils in Belvaspata sessions and initiating others up to the Mastery Level

Grand Master

Grand Master initiation affects the spiritual-emotional, spiritual-mental and spirit-bodies of all.  It is known to clear the cosmic pathways and remove limiting programming as it connects to high levels of divine consciousness and opens to illumination at the cellular level.

  1. Preparation for the Grand Master Level is the study of the 12 pairs of heart energies
  2. This preparation leads to competency to use all sigils of Grand Mastery and initiate others up to Grand Mastery.

“Grand Master draws in additional angelic presences into our lives and brings clarity of mind and purity of heart as the pathways of light are cleared within the seventh body or spirit body”  Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, Almine

About Lorena

Lorena Colarusso is a Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Grand Master and Teacher and a Wisdom Facilitator and Coach at Alchemy Pathways.  She is a graduate and Instructor in the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program at Transformational Arts College in Toronto and was a Psychotherapist for 15 years. Lorena completed five years of meditation and study in the Luminessence Light Body Program and trained with the Four Winds Society Medicine Wheel and Lightbody Shamanic Healing and Munay Ki Facilitator.  Lorena has an integrative approach to Energy Medicine and has certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sonic Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Reiki Teacher Developer, Sound and Chakra Therapist, Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner and IET.

 As Voice Dialogue (Inner Selves) Facilitator, she trained directly with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, authors of “Embracing Our Selves”.  She holds certifications as an Emotional Clearing Facilitator, Master NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, NLP Professional Coach, Certified Professional Coach, IFS Inspired Coach, Psycho-Spiritual Coach Certificate and Family Constellations Facilitator.  Psychotherapy certificates include Trauma and Attachment Training with Dr Diane Poole-Heller, Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitation, Family Constellations Core Language Approach with Mark Wolynn, IFS Therapy Foundations with Dr Richard Schwartz.


A Life of Miracles, Almine

Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, Almine

Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Initiation and Healing Manual, Almine