About Lorena

For Lorena, it is all about integrating an illuminated mind and compassionate heart in our journey to personal and family soul evolution.

Alchemy Pathways wisdom services are present moment, experiential pathways to expand the capacity of our wisdom heart, spiritual vision and mindful insight.

Pathways such as Wisdom Coaching integrate shamanic wisdom, mindful spiritual practice, relationship dynamics, family constellations, inner selves facilitation, vibrational healing, soul essence retrieval and neuro energetics.

Wisdom Facilitation is a  spiritual evolutionary pathway which opens multiple levels of consciousness including personal, family and collective.  Wisdom Coaching and Facilitation pathways can lift us as we evolve into vast intergenerational vibrational healing and gives us access to latent resources within us and our family constellation.

At its core, it is self-compassion that  provides an opportunity to develop inner balance and a reconnection to our inner resources.  This inner alignment and embracing of all our parts create the freedom of conscious choice in life’s decision-making.

Wisdom evolutionary pathways include  Munay Ki,  Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Journey, along with new earth directions such as  Family Soul Constellations and Inner Selves Facilitation.   Through Wisdom Learning, Coaching and Facilitation, we build our capacity to identify energetic patterns both individual and family that limit our full potential and power to manifest. Ultimately, we can open the flow of love, life force and reconnect to our authentic self.

” I am excited to welcome you to Alchemy Pathways!  This website and pathways are a culmination of my life work and personal commitment to personal and family soul evolution.  I am passionate about integrating a compassionate heart with an illuminated mind in personal development.  For decades I have been in awe of how the healing of one can impact relationships, families, communities and the earth.  I embrace all spiritual paths and resonate deeply with the shamanic reverence of the earth and its grounded, embodied spirituality. My own healing path has led me to certifications and designations in psychotherapy, coaching, holistic healing with a focus on shamanic practice and reiki.  For those who are destined to step into personal and family soul compassion and transformation, I look forward to our paths crossing.”  Lorena 

Lorena brings private practice experience, teaching, non-profit executive leadership and training consultation to Alchemy Pathways.  She is retired psychotherapist with 15 years of private practice, certified professional coach and shamanic energetic facilitator.  Her teaching experience includes 8 years as an Instructor in the Spiritual Psychotherapy program at the Transformational Arts College.  Lorena was a trainer and developer for hundreds of workshops and seminars since the early ’90s both community based and workplace wellness through the Canadian Mental Health Association, Women’s Centers and Canadian Institute of Stress. For 30+ years she held executive leadership positions in corporate and non-profit organizations such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and Canada and Community Healthcare.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Canadian Association of Integrative Energy Therapists (CAIET)
  • Now Retired: Private Practice Psychotherapy and Counselling 2004 to 2018.  Registered Psychotherapist with CRPO 2015 to 2018.

Contact Lorena at 905-510-2025 or  alchemyholistics@gmail.com

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Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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