Belvaspata Spiritual Pathway

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Belvaspata a heart and mind expansion modality can be experienced as an individual session,  a spiritual development pathway or an initiation pathway for practitioner certification.  Belvaspata is a pathway developed by the mystical seer and author Almine, Spiritual Journeys.

Contact Lorena, Belvaspata Grand Master to find out more about this metaphysical pathway or to book a session.  Belvaspata both sessions and spiritual preparation development can be done in person or through secure video online sessions. Initiations must be done in person.

Healing of the Heart

Belvaspata Healing of the Heart is known as a metaphysical heart expansion spiritual development pathway. Spiritual teaching is as follows.  A one-hour session is required for each preparation level.

Level I  – Integration of the 12 Pairs of Pure Emotions
Level II  – Integration of the 16 Rays of Light
Master level  – Integration of the States of Being
Grand Master level  – Integration of the Heart Energies

Initiations for those interested can be facilitated by a Belvaspata Grand Master or through self-initiation, a process available from Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Volume 1.  Each level requires the respective preparation, receiving an actual session and then the Initiation session.  Initations cannot be done through Skype or Telephone, they must be in person.

Kaanish Belvaspata 

Healing Modality focused on Mind Enlightenment

This Kaanish form of Belvaspata, representing the high mind can be used by those that are practitioners registered in any of the Belvaspata levels.

  • The level I and level II Belvaspata practitioners is described as the healing of the subconscious or low mind.
  • The masters and grandmasters is described as the healing of the middle-mind (the left and right brain).
  • The Kaanish Belvaspata is described as the healing modality representing the high mind.

Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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