Canadian Humanistic and Transpersonal Association

The CHTA supports the integration of spirituality, humanistic values,  holistic philosophy, somatic and energy therapies and traditional practices.

Lorena’s approach to coaching is transpersonal and integrative. She incorporates, spirituality, inner alignment, Self-lead decision making, humanistic values, somatic and energy therapies, personal and family soul constellations, relationship dynamics and traditional shamanic practice.  Her transpersonal pathways facilitate mindful self-compassion, authenticity and non-violent, soul-infused communication in relationships and families.

Lorena Colarusso CPC is a member in good standing with the CHTA

“The CHTA supports the diversity of approaches in wellness. It also recognises the importance of spiritual and human values in institutional functions that serve society and culture, based on the interdependence of humans with each other and the natural world. This implies an emergent, relationship with nature, both as the wild ground from which we arise, and in which we have our life, based on respect and awe.”  CHTA Website

CHTA Values

  1. a holistic and ecological perspective on the evolving wellness of the individual;
  2. the importance of finding personal meaning and purpose;
  3. support for the transpersonal, spiritual and soulful orientations and modalities;
  4. encouraging dialogue between indigenous ways of knowing and healing with current integrative approaches to mind-body healing;
  5. an inclusive postmodern and multicultural approach to the search for holistic psychological and physical health;
  6. promotion of conscious, eco-spiritual perspectives that contribute to a sustainable evolution of the individual, society and nature;
  7. recognising and promoting interconnectedness in various ways, including through the international network of humanistic, transpersonal, existential and somatic professional organisations and educational institutions.

Inner Balance Coach and Sacred Awakening Facilitator

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