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Creating a mindful life

A Mindful life is a unique experience for each person.

Mindfulness training is a pathway of tapping into the potential the Mind has to activate and restructure the brain and create health on all levels.

Mindfulness is a compassion-based approach with a multitude of brain changing benefits.

Through evidence-based science, a revolutionary understanding of the neuroplasticity of the brain reveals that the adult brain is changeable and continues to develop throughout life.    We can change our brains through mindfulness and self-compassion much like we change our muscles and bodies through physical exercise.  Mindfulness can be compared to a type of physical fitness or physiotherapy for the brain.   Through discipline and practice, new neural networks and pathways within the brain are developed first short term and then with ongoing practice they remain long term.

Mindfulness training has been researched and documented with key benefits mapped and linked to many parts of the brain.

It is a form of attention training rooted in non-judgement.  It enhances skills of concentration and intention.  This deliberate process of paying attention in a specific way activates the brain and creates states of mind that change brain structure. The flow of information and energy creates changes through the brain, brain stem and bodily systems resulting in mind, body, psychosocial, psychoemotional and intrapsychic health.

Ultimately Mindfulness develops the skill of present moment living allows access to deeper experiences of joy, balance, peace.  Through a process of developing inner and outer attunement, relationships can become more connected with deeper empathy and intimacy. This reconnection expands as the experience of vastness and interconnection into the depths of consciousness grows through mastery.  A sense of compassion for self, others and beyond emerges creating evidence-based changes in the pre-frontal cortex and the middle brain.

Mindfulness works through the mind and heart, through meditation, inner journeys and exercises.  

Mindfulness can

  • help us understand our emotional selves, interpsychic selves and strengthens the emotional regulation systems
  • soothes our complicated threat and fear systems
  • Gives pause to our drive and impulse systems affecting reactivity
  • Soothes and enhances our secure attachment systems
  • Sharpens our ability to concentrate and focus
  • Develops mental coherence and insight
  • Supports our bodily and immune systems
  • Builds self-awareness and self-confidence through compassion

At Alchemy Pathways, Mindfulness is a key pathways of tapping into the illuminated mind. Mindfulness coupled with Shamanic Wisdom Pathways create an evolutionary and new earth approach to reconnecting with the authentic self and expressing full potential in all aspects of life.

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The Shaman Archetype

Are you aligned with the Shaman Archetype?  Here is a brief self-assessment.

  1. Do you believe that there is a spirit in all things?  What is your daily practice to connect with the spirit of nature, animals, and crystals – elements of the earth?
  2. Shamans believe that we are all connected to Great Spirit. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Spirit and Spiritual energy are described in the shamanic tradition as having divine qualities such as love, peace, harmony, joy, manifestation. Do you agree?
  4. Soul and Spirit are an interplay of the dark light with the bright light. What is your belief and definition of these aspects: the dark and the light?
  5. Do you believe that there is a shamanic archetype in all of us? Shamanic healers often say they are called through their soul ray to this spiritual path.  Were you called?  How were you called?
  6. The Foundation of Shamanic practice is the ability to enter, sustain and at will move in and out of shamanic states of consciousness. Where are you with this and how did you develop it?  Were you born with it?
  7. Shamans develop experiential and direct relationships with their helpers and guides, trees, flowers, stones, crystals, beings of light. They are sensitive to the spirit in all things.  What direct relationships with nature and animal allies have you developed.  Do you connect to the spirit within each and respect that that spirit can transmit light and healing?
  8. What is your daily practice for energising and clearing chakras and your energy field? How do you infuse yourself with light?
  9. It is said that Shamans “see in the dark”.  Primarily this is about the Third Eye, spiritual vision. Knowing can come in many ways, information can be auditory, visual, kinesthetic, feeling or just knowing. The shamanic tunnel – the third eye is key to assisting those transitioning in shamanic work.  What practice do you do that focuses on your Third Eye?
  10. Shamans have a tendency to wear black, to be invisible, unseen, to be cloaked; they have no fear of the dark light. What are your thoughts on this?
  11. Almost all Shamanic traditions describe shamanic vision to be rooted in the third eye.  Their pathway to this vision is to combine clear vision with a compassionate heart.  Shadow work is required to transform third eye obstacles such as cognitive distortions, reactive defences, denial, projections and delusions to name a few.  What shadow work have you done?  Have you focused most of your spiritual path on developing a compassionate heart or have you done both?  Do you think you can have an authentic, compassionate heart without self-compassion and inner- balance?
  12. Shamans move between levels of consciousness, they call it other worlds, the upper world, the middle, world and the lower world. All of these worlds contain both our shadow and our light and provide the shaman with the opportunity to transmute energetically and retrieve aspects that are ready to return to us. Which level of consciousness has been your focus:  the upper world of angels and beings of light, the middle world of conscious reality, the lower world of personal and collective subconscious healing?
  13. What is the deepest shadow work that you have done?
  14. Shamans work with different levels of aura, soul and morphogenic fields – the personal, the family, the collective.  The LEF, luminous energy field, is described as energy and light emitted by all living things.  Morphogenic fields, a well-researched concept by scientists, surround all living things, including systems such as family systems and even DNA.
  15. What are your thoughts on how ancestors and family systems can affect your life?

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