Certified Master Practitioner NLP

Lorena Colarusso MNLP

Georgian Bay NLP Centre

Practitioner  and Master Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

The training focuses on the individual’s behaviours and capabilities to achieve outcomes in a variety of environments. NLP has direct applications to many professional fields including business, education, health care and the arts. Participants learn change techniques to evolve personal excellence, with careful attention to the integrity and ecology of the individual.

With the attitudes and presuppositions of NLP,  participants are guided through structured exercises,  role play, demonstrations, video tapes and group discussion, utilising integrative learning.

Outcome Design

Get what you want with integrity for self & others.


Gain or break rapport appropriately using language and behaviour patterns both conscious and unconscious.


Effectively adapt and enhance your communications with others within a changing environment.

Processes for Change

Understand the filters through which we perceive the world and how to change them…learn the well-known techniques that facilitate change.

Sensory Acuity

Develop and utilise your senses for heightened awareness.

Pattern Recognition

Recognise language and behaviour patterns…understand how patterns affect our perceptions


Learn key factors in successful negotiations…find ways to resolve conflict to achieve win/win results

New Behaviour

Model and use patterns of excellence…identify and apply strategies creatively to enhance performance and options…generate new behaviours.

Director Deanna Sager…trained in NLP with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Rodger Bailey and Steve & Connirae Andreas. Deanna is a gifted and highly respected international trainer in the NLP community. She has been honoured for her contribution to the world of NLP by the Canadian Association of NLP.

Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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