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Honouring each other and our sacred space through safety, healthy boundaries and personal empowerment and choice.

Thank you for your interest or participation in Alchemy Pathways training and personal development workshops.  These workshops are generally for participants with healthy ego-strength wanting to access their full potential through learning and personal development.  The scope of Alchemy Pathways workshops is strictly education, training and information purposes and not intended to offer professional, medical or psychological advice or service.

For your safety, it is important that you advise us if you have been diagnosed with a physical /mental illness or addiction and are in active treatment.  In order to participate safely in Alchemy Pathways workshops, it is necessary to be at a functional level of healing and recovery.

Participant and Facilitator Relationship

Our relationship is one of partnership and shared responsibility for learning, healing modalities, spiritual and personal growth.  All the group exercises and meditations will be explained in advance and you can decide to participate or not in any exercise, meditation, journey, table session or other.

Deeper psychotherapeutic issues may emerge.

Alchemy Pathways Workshops are for personal development, it is important to know that during training exercises such as meditation, journey and other modalities, emotions may be triggered and deeper psychotherapeutic issues may emerge.  The workshop will not address or facilitate personal healing within the educational setting.

Energy Medicine and Spiritual Development

Energy Medicine works with energy, light, meridians, energetic cords, acupuncture points and life force to encourage balance and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.  Integrative Energetics draws upon some Energy modalities such as Usui Reiki, Munay Ki Initiations and Shamanic Reiki. It incorporates tools such as metaphysical soul retrieval, shamanic journeys, chakra balancing, expanding awareness to transpersonal levels of consciousness.


Intuitive Connections

Intuitive Arts and Spiritual mentoring, or direction, involves connecting with Divine levels of consciousness.  It is necessary to understand that the intuitive connections, messages, and images that revealed from the unconscious, subconscious or superconscious cannot be ascertained as fact.  We don’t know if the images are generated from our personal consciousness, family or collective consciousness or Divine consciousness.  What is essential is that the subconscious mind presents images to expand awareness and to support personal and spiritual development in the holistic and spiritual process. Intuitive Arts are simply information for personal development that changes as we evolve.  An integrated approach to mind, body and spirit is encouraged in your empowered and personal decision making. Ultimately only you have the right to make your life decisions.

Hands-on Treatments

Energy Medicine Services and Teaching are often administered by hands-on treatments that involve touching of the chakras, extremities, head, legs, arms shoulders, hands and feet.  You are fully clothed during these sessions.  You may have an opportunity to volunteer for a demonstration or partner up with another member of the group.  If you are not comfortable with hands-on treatment, please let us know.


Sometimes energy medicine/ holistic exercises may contribute to some minor discomfort, for example, emotional release of intense feelings during energetic sessions may happen spontaneously, physical discomfort with energetic releases that may include; a runny nose, cold symptoms, feeling tired and temporary discomfort.  During the energy session many experience energetic heat, prickling, cold, muscle twitching, and headaches and enter a relaxed meditative state.

It is important to know that during a training exercise, deeper psychotherapeutic issues may emerge or be triggered.  If this happens, we can discuss other psychotherapeutic tools and processes available to you such as a Regulated Mental Health Professional qualified to facilitate your deeper healing issues.


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Inner Balance Coach and Sacred Awakening Facilitator

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