Creating Healthy Client Relationships

Creating Healthy Client Relationships is the first in a series of professional practice development workshops designed for Energy Practitioners, Coaches, Holistic and Intuitive Counsellors and Therapists.

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Healthy Relationships have the power to help us develop our full potential.  They provide the mirror through which we can define ourselves.  Through healthy relationships, we can develop secure attachments, build trust, self-identity and esteem.   In the holistic client-practitioner relationship, powerful bonds can evolve. The relationship itself can become a healing and nourishing experience within the context of healthy boundaries.

In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of both the healing potential and boundary challenges that can develop in the client-practitioner relationship.   You will gain an understanding of the developmental dynamics of boundaries energetic, physical, psycho-spiritual and emotional.  You will also learn skills to identify when boundaries are moving towards dysfunction in the client-practitioner experience.

Workshop Topics

A complete agenda is provided upon registration.

  1. Relationship Developmental Dynamics: moving from symbiosis and Dependence to Independence and Interdependence. Participants will gain an understanding of the stages of developmental maturation, how these cycles affect healthy relationships and communication and interpersonal tools for handling stuck dynamics. They will learn a definition of healthy relationships.
  2. Exploring the Inner Caretaker and how it affects your self-care and client relationships. Participants will connect with their Inner Caretaker through energetic and dialogue processes to determine the origin of this part of them and to understand how it engages with their client.
  3. The importance of Healthy Boundaries in the creation of healthy relationships. Participants will gain an understanding of the types of boundaries and how they define us, protect us.  Also, boundary violations towards ourselves and others are learned along with the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical challenges they create.  Pathways to develop healthy boundaries will be learned.
  4. Energy Dynamics and how it can affect both the client and practitioner energetically in both supportive and draining ways. Participants will learn about types of energetic attachment bonds that can develop including Chords, attachments bonds, secondary trauma energy.  Tools and pathways to maintain clear chakras, healthy aura and luminous energy field, emotional clearing and energetic boundaries.  The Practitioner as a role model and spiritual leader demonstrating healthy energetics is explored.

The workshop will be a combination of lecture, experiential demos, shamanic journeys, energetic and personal awareness exercises.

About your Facilitator

Lorena Colarusso is a Registered Psychotherapist, Coach and Integrative Energy Practitioner.  Her Alchemy Pathways,  wellness services focus on holistic coaching and training services.

Lorena brings a diverse skill set to her professional services and personal development practices. Her specialised spiritual psychotherapy education and professional expertise provide a full spectrum of support for her clients.  Her therapy education is complemented and deepened through her being a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator and Master NLP Practitioner & Certified Hypnotherapist.  With advanced training in various Energy Medicine and Shamanic therapies, she is committed to using her expertise to the greatest healing and benefit of her clients.

Since 2005, she has been a therapist, coach, energy medicine practitioner and educator at her wellness business, Alchemy Holistic Counselling. Her coaching, public education, facilitation and consulting experience span decades. Her life experience includes over 30 years of executive leadership positions in non-profit organisations.  As a member of the faculty at Transformational Arts College, she has taught professional psychotherapy courses since 2008.

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