Individual Coaching

Alchemy Pathways invites you to explore a bridge-building process that is designed to support your well-being. It begins with meeting you where you presently are in your life and then guides you to discover a path that can transport you to finding your deeper capacity for authenticity, intimacy and joy. The foundation of that bridge rests on our helping you learn how to operate in present time from a place of inner balance so that your future creations are both doable and sustainable.

Lorena Colarusso, in her role as a Certified Professional Coach, will partner with you to build solid inner pathways that can provide opportunities to uncover the dormant potential within you. Coaching introduces you to perceptual, interpersonal, inner resources both awareness and skills that you can use to expand and grow.  You are facilitated to create your own template for meeting future change and life challenges with awareness and capability.

In support of your personal growth and healing, Alchemy Pathways offers a menu of services that can focus on your mobility towards expansion and wholeness.

Whether it is…

  • help you identify your barriers to well-being and provide pragmatic support for your transformation
  • connect to your motivation and understand the inner paralysis that stops us through the Inner Critic, Perfectionist and Rule Maker
  • understand your outer child and how it can play havoc in your life
  • gain insight as to how boundaries create a healthy inner relationship as well as outer relationships
  • support your connection to your soul purpose and its manifestation in your life
  • build self-esteem, self-understanding, compassion and inner balance through Inner Selves facilitation
  • develop communication skills that allow you to connect through authentic listening, compassionate understanding and expanded validation of self and others
  • a soulful and energetic approach to family constellations
  •  NLP strategies that help defuse old programs and belief and reset new behaviours and to support a whole brain, body and spirit approach to change.
  • the more subtle and spiritual work of  integrating Spiritual Growth and Energetics which addresses the unseen but influential energies that touch us all

…Alchemy Pathways is committed to providing you with personalized processes that invite collaboration and empowerment.  opportunity to shift your self-awareness; balance your emotions; discover your inner selves, tap into hidden inner resources and access your full potential. The focus is to support you to create positive change in your perceptions and ultimately in your life.

Feel free to explore our Services. You are invited to Contact   Alchemy Pathway if you have any questions, inquiries or would like to book a consultation or session with Lorena Colarusso.

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