Inner Selves: Pathway to Self Compassion Workshop

Hosted by Kerri Fargo @ Circle of Light Wellness Centre in Waterdown

Lorena Colarusso Voice Dialogue Facilitator ( Inner Selves)

Saturday, November 28 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm  Fee: $155

Contact Lorena to register

This workshop is suitable for practitioners, therapists and coaches or anyone wishing to embrace and align their inner parts to increase self-compassion, self-understanding and psycho-spiritual strength. The experiential nature of the workshop will provide tools for personal and professional practice.

heartInner Selves Consciousness is a self-compassion process that provides an opportunity to deepen understanding of our psychological, emotional and spiritual selves.  Its  is to expand awareness of inner resources the can create more conscious choice in life’s decision- making, self-identity and relationship and behavioural challenges.

Lorena’s facilitation integrates an energetic, spiritual and self-compassion coaching style to the Inner Selves consciousness journey.

This workshop will enable us to name our primary Inner Selves.  Each Inner Self is a unique, dynamic aspect of our psyche that has his/her own personality, interests, thoughts, feelings, opinions and energies. An Inner Self is born in response to life experiences, family dynamics and the developmental environment.These Selves exist whether we are conscious of them or not.

Working with the Inner Selves can open the potential for resolving inner conflict, understanding emotional reactivity, exploring impulsive parts, transforming limiting beliefs and the inner critic, reconnecting to authentic magical child parts.  All this can  increase resilience, compassion and emotional intelligence. It can support us to:

  • develop practical tools that can encourage effective inner and interpersonal communication
  • discover the capacity to  choose actions rather than reacting to old patterns of behavior
  • reveal the hidden parts of you that can be retrieved to support you now.
  • find the language that can express and explore the experiences, feelings and beliefs of Selves without judgment or threat.

As Inner Selves are brought to consciousness, they can become the source of greater self-knowledge, compassion and understanding. This can give us the capability and inner resources to operate in our lives with more balance, choice, empowerment and awareness.

This workshop is not suitable for anyone suffering from severe depression, hallucinations, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, compulsive or obsessive disorder, or any other severe and self-limiting mental health condition.

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