Limitations of Soul Constellations and Mindful Coaching

Soul Constellations is a transformative process which many individuals and families have found helpful, but not suitable for everyone. Clients who are most suited have developed overall stable emotional regulation and inner mental balance.  With the Soul Constellations and Mindful Coaching pathways, a level of client commitment to spiritual development or an openness to spiritual development is required.

Soul Constellations is not suitable for anyone suffering from serious, unresolved PTSD, active clinical depression, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, psychosis, compulsive or obsessive disorder, active addictions or any other severe and self-limiting mental health condition, please consult with your Family Doctor for a referral to an appropriately trained regulated mental health professional or program.

An exploration session will determine if your objectives, presenting challenges and personal history are suitable or if other interventions such as psychotherapy are required.

The spectrum of mind, body spirit transformation moves from Facilitation, Coaching and Counselling to Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Addiction Recovery and integrated mental health teams.

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Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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