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April 2015  –  Anima and Animus

By Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapy and Energy Medicine

The masculine is sovereignty, the crown upon your soul. Femininity is humility and unconditional love, the heart within the breast of your soul and together they make the whole soul essence.” St. Germain, Twin Souls and Soulmates

We all possess the polarities of masculine and feminine essence within us. Integrating our inner masculine and feminine selves is the foundation of our wholeness. Rooted in Jungian psychology, this concept of the inner masculine and feminine is described as the “anima and animus”. It describes the male as having an inherent inner feminine and the female, an inner masculine.

Another description for these forces of nature are Yang and Yin. Yang energy being masculine is often described as light, sun, fire, directed, focused, logical, protective and action-oriented. The Yin, which is the feminine, encompasses descriptors such as the moon, intuitive, receptive, vague, diffuse, emotional, dark.

Psychologically, men are generally described as predominately yang with aspects of yin energy while women are mostly considered as possessing more yin energy with aspects of yang. Each person contains the inner seeds of potential for wholeness and integration of both yin and yang.

The individual opportunities for inner self-integration of these opposites can present itself in men as they expand and embrace their emotions, their vulnerability and their capacity for connection. For women, the integration focuses on their capability for decisiveness, being action oriented, having inner strength, being independent and displaying personal power.

Integrating our Inner Masculine or Feminine is a very important pathway to accessing our full potential. Too much or too little of either can block our ability to manifest, achieve in the world and experience emotional balance.

Try this Exercise:

Take some time to review the list below and follow the instructions to uncover your unique Masculine/Feminine balance:

What is the current balance of the masculine and feminine energies in your life and what needs further development?   Which of these aspects of the Masculine or Feminine are polarized in you?

Too strong, too weak? Which are disowned or denied?

Masculine Feminine
Aggressive Passive
Independent Interdependent
Rational Emotional
Objective Subjective
Dominant Submissive
Competitive Cooperative
Logical Intuitive
Adventurous Cautious
Decisive Ambivalent
Ambitious Security Oriented
Worldly Domestic
Leader Follower
Assertive Tactful
Analytical Integrative
Strong Tender
Sexual Sensual
Philosophical Practical
Thinking Feeling
Good in Math Good in the Arts
Good in Science Good in Literature
Self-reliant Consults others
Individualistic Interpersonal
Goal oriented Process oriented
Exclusive Inclusive
Instrumental Expressive
Disciplinarian Nurturing
Pleases self Pleases others
Takes initiative Receptive
Likes time alone Likes time with others
Sees parts Sees whole
 Rebellious Conformist
Theological Religious
Separative Affliative

Balancing Brain Hemispheres:

To help you more clearly understand the masculine and feminine within you, consider that your brain is designed to accommodate these polarities. The functions of the left and right hemispheres of your brain correlate to the masculine and feminine respectively.

The left brain output is more closely affiliated with the masculine qualities of logic, being detailed oriented, being more concerned with factual data and having the capacity for words and language, math and science. It operates in the present and past. It comprehends, knows, acknowledges, orders and can perceive patterns. It names objects, is reality-based, practical, focuses on safety and has the proclivity to be strategic.

The right brain function is oriented to imagination, creativity, symbols and images. It uses feeling and is oriented to the present and future. It believes, appreciates, knows object functions, understands meaning, is philosophical and spiritual, is fantasy based, impetuous, explores present possibilities and takes risks.

Neuroplasticity is the Gift that allows us to integrate our Feminine and Masculine qualities.

From the field of neuroscience, writers such as Norman Doidge, M.D., explain the revolutionary phenomenon of neuroplasticity. The brain’s capacity for regeneration, transformation, performance and healing. The holistic techniques include a brain, mind, body and energetic approach. The brain is impacted by forms of energy, light, sound, vibration and movement that have been described as capable of awakening the plasticity of the brain’s own transformative capacity.

In the above exercise, how well-balanced between the Anima and Animus did you find yourself to be?

Is there some integration or balancing you would like to explore?

Alchemy Pathways and Lorena Colarusso Perrin offer a host of options to help you achieve your desired integration of your feminine/masculine energies. Lorena is available to support you to balance your life in order to honour both the left and right brain activities and to assist you in exploring a full reconnection to Source and to your Soul.

The pathways to integration and wholeness include:

  • Inner Selves Therapy (Voice Dialogue) is a pathway to embrace, integrate and bring choice and balance to the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine parts of us.
  • Axiatonal Alignment is a holistic therapy described as balancing the left and right brains, integrating the masculine and feminine. It also is described as an energetic re-alignment to soul or source energy.
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval spiritual journey based therapy that expands awareness and connects to the inner masculine and feminine. Retrieval and healing of psyche and soul fragments can be facilitated.
  • Emotional Clearing Sun/Moon Balancing Facilitation. Read more…
  • Couples Counselling or Coaching can provide an opportunity to explore and balance polarizations of the masculine and feminine within the actual relationship itself.

Contact Lorena for more information or to book a session.



The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman Doidge, M.D.

He: Understanding Masculine Psychology, Robert A. Johnson

She: Understanding Feminine Psychology, Robert A. Johnson

We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love, Robert A. Johnson

The Quest for Maleness, Theun Mares

Unveil the Mysteries of the Female, Theun Mares

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