Medicine Wheel – North Direction

Embracing the energy patterns of the Inner Critic and Inner Nurturer

Each Medicine Wheel Journey begins with the exploration of the Direction, its natural elements and respective shamanic subpersonalities.

The North Direction is suitable for anyone wishing to access the hidden gifts of their Inner Critic, understand its role as Inner Protector.  The North Direction is a shamanic journey of self-compassion, self-awareness facilitation, journal writing, soul retrieval and inner alignment.

The North focuses on understanding the power of the Inner Critic to affect self-esteem and block motivation and action towards our goals is important for coaches, energy practitioners. The Inner Critic can create barriers and obstacles to soul aligned life directions and creating authentic relationships.  The Critic’s anxiety and fear at each human developmental stage will be explored.

When the Inner Critic is embraced it can become an inner ally supporting us to reach our visions, goals and full potential. The Inner Critic can become a pathway to connect or retrieve the Inner Nurturer.

The Inner Critic, a powerful sub-personality challenges most of us.  It creates obstacles on our personal development paths.  The unrelenting Inner Critic operates from an ancient internal system of self-protection that served us at one time in our lives. Shamanic integrated third eye and heart perception, shamanic journey are some pathways that lead us to embracing and soul retrieval with the Critic energy. It is an authoritative voice inside us that acts as a lens filtering, beliefs, fears, perceptions and information. It is a voice inside us that can stop our soulful creativity and manifestation of our full potential.

The Critic is the Voice that criticizes us and the Judge is the voice that criticizes others. The Critic, develops throughout our childhood, a sponge soaking up all the messages, criticisms from the people around us, our family, parents, culture, religion, gender.  The energetic strength of the Critic and the Judge correlate; the stronger our Inner Critic the stronger our Judgment of others.

When embraced energetically, Inner Critic has gifts for us. We can mine the gold within the energetic power of Critic consciousness.  This can happen through a shamanic, spirit guided journey and coaching questions.

The Medicine Wheel and the Inner Selves related to each direction can open the potential for inner alignment and reconnection to the Authentic Self.  Through Shamanic Perceptual awareness, detached compassion and journey we can embrace our inner selves and step into empowered choice and reclaim, retrieve soul resources.

Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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