Munay Ki Practitioner Certificate

Munay Ki Practitioner Certificate awarded by The Four Winds Society

Lorena has recently completed the newly launched Munay Ki Practitioner Training through The Four Winds Society. The training is hosted by Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and Four Winds Academic Trainers. Here studies with The Four Winds began in 2010 with Light Body and Medicine Wheel. She has been on the evolutionary path of Munay Ki study, practice, facilitation and teaching since 2011.

The 12 week Program includes live instruction, live facilitation demonstration, practice and resources which include video demonstration and information.

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.

The Munay-Ki helps us become instruments of peace and agents of change and transformation. As you are initiated into the Rites, you join a group of ordinary men and women who lead extraordinary lives. As you experience the Munay-Ki, you’ll feel the presence and wisdom of these luminous ones who have broken out of ordinary time and now dwell in infinity.

As we engage the luminous lineage, we actually “remember” making our way across the Bering Straits or crossing the Sonora Desert into Central America, or even before that, trekking over the Himalayas on our great journey north from India.

When we partner with the Earthkeepers of the future, we can upgrade the quality of our DNA to grow new bodies. This runs contrary to popular belief, which says that our genes can not be changed. Earthkeepers understand that you are not your genes, that you are your dreams. When you are free of the bounds of time, the future can reach backwards like a giant hand to push you forward to your healed destiny.

As you receive the Munay-Ki rites, your chakras will become clear and you’ll acquire what the Earthkeepers call the rainbow body, the energy body that will carry you safely beyond death.” The Rites of the Munay Ki, The Four Winds

Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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