Privacy Policy

Privacy & Confidentiality

At Alchemy Pathways your confidentiality is paramount.  You have the explicit right to privacy and confidentiality, and information cannot and will not be communicated to any third party without your written consent with the exception of specific legal and ethical obligations where Lorena Colarusso as an RP is required by law to disclose.  These are outlined in the client consent form.

Alchemy Pathways has implemented a number of personal information security measures to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Collection and Use of Your Personal and Health Information

Alchemy Holistic Counselling undertakes to collect your personal and health information for the following reasons:

  • Collection of appropriate medical professional and family contact information  therapeutic consultation, emergencies
  • Collection of your contact information
    • appointment reminders and scheduling
    • communication, brief telephone or e-mail consultations in between sessions
    •  materials and  exercises in between sessions
    • consent is at your discretion in regards to receiving e-mail newsletters, group, and workshop invitations
    • consent is required to disclose your name in communications with workshop, group participants once you have registered for the purpose of workshop materials and information dissemination
  • Storage of your personal information, consent forms and brief session documentation is stored in a computer format that is password protected. The computer is located in a locked space.
  • Documentation files are stored through a combination of numerical and letter filing system and cannot be identified.
  • Online backup of your personal and health information is stored in a password protected online space.
  • Storage of your personal health information in paper files for clients before 2015 is stored in locked storage.

Coaching and Energy Session Documentation

Brief Session Documentation is maintained to ensure the most effective coaching and energy modalities are selected for your healing objectives.

Individual vs Couples/Family Session Privacy

Couples or Family  Coaching Dyad sessions are different from Individual therapy.  Couples or Family Dyad, the client is the dyad or the couple.  Sometimes in couples and family dyad coaching, individual sessions are needed.  Information from individual coaching sessions is treated as part the original purpose of therapy:  the couple or dyad.

A client may bring in a family member or significant other as part of their coaching process.  In this case a consent for individual coaching disclosure will be signed before the dyad session.

E-mail Communication Privacy

Alchemy Holistic Counselling has a secure e-mail available for clients. This e-mail system is stated to be more secure than other e-mail formats.  You will need a password to enter every time you receive a communication.  Files sent through hushmail can be password protected or encrypted.  If you prefer, you can use to communicate with me.

Clients have the opportunity to indicate communication formats they are comfortable with and those they want to exclude.  Formats include:  e-mail, text, telephone

Online Video or Telephone Sessions Privacy

Alchemy Pathways uses HIPAA compliant SecureVideo as a system format for your online coaching sessions.  This is stated to be more secure than other online video or telephone session systems.

Alchemy Holistics has incorporated the above measures to ensure that your personal and health information is protected and remains safe within your coaching file and will not be disclosed without your consent to any other individual except where limits to confidentiality are required by law.


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