Professional Practice

Alchemy Transpersonal Pathways launches a Professional Holistic Practice Initiative.

Professional Practice services include professional training and personal development workshops and mentoring for holistic practitioners, coaches and therapists in their private practice.

Please contact Lorena to find out about upcoming workshops and to add your name to the invite list.

Professional Practice workshops are facilitated by Lorena Colarusso and hosted at Holistic Wellness Centres.  If you are interested in hosting any of the following workshops, contact Lorena for details. Following is a list of training topics.

Workshop and Circle Topics

  • Creating Healthy Client Relationships
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Holistic Client Inquiry: Development of Clear Healing Intentions
  • Client Information Management:  Templates and Forms
  • Attachment Styles and Bonding in the Client Relationship
  • Holistic Counselling Skills
  • Holistic Practice Business Essentials
  • Creating a Soul Aligned Practice Vision
  • Identifying your Market and Audience
  • Developing a Practitioner Personal Development Plan
  • Practitioner Empathic Communication Training
  • Understanding the Subtle Body
  • Advanced Chakra Therapy
  • Self-Compassion Coaching
  • Transforming the Inner Critic
  • Other Suggestions


Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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