Family and Relational Constellations Workshops

Transpersonal Family Constellation pathways

Online Format

Opening the family and ancestral soul field to the flow of love

Together we will be learning from a shamanic and energetic perspective about the family soul field, who is included, the orders of love, the natural flow of love, and movement into the full expression of the individual souls.  We will be uncovering unconscious themes of interrupted bonds, merging, rejection, identification with other families/ancestral members of the shared soul field.

This workshop is suitable for anyone for deepening their experiential understanding and connection to their family and ancestral soul field. In addition, desiring to restore the flow of love through energetic clearing of the field shadows and retrieving soul essence.

In this transformational personal experiential journey, we will connect with each soul cluster.  Part 1 will focus on our present family soul field.  Part 2 will focus on our Maternal Ancestral soul field and lineage and Part 3 will focus on our Paternal Ancestral soul field and lineage.

Each session will include  

  • opening Ceremony
  • a framework to understand the principles of family soul constellations
  • intuitive facilitation to map each family field cluster through drawing on paper
  • identification of unconscious themes
  • development of a healing intention through core language coaching
  • uncovering your inherited superpower and your core limiting belief
  • shamanic journey to connect with the field and lineage
  • tracking the luminous field and the chakras of each separate soul field cluster
  • shamanic energetics to open the flow of love through connection and boundaries
  • intuitive healing truths and language of the soul
  • shamanic soul retrieval for soul essence ready to return to the field
  • rituals and Invocation Prayers
  • closure Honouring Family/Ancestral Altar

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