Inner Selves Facilitation

Inner Selves Facilitation

Inner Selves is a consciousness pathway that provides an opportunity to develop inner balance, aware ego and self-compassion. Its ultimate goal is to strengthen awareness and self-compassion through witnessing and embracing  our inner voices or parts without judgement.  This aware ego strength and witness capacity leads to an empowering consciousness and choice when making life decisions.

Voice Dialogue, Inner Selves, was created by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in the 1970s.  Inner Selves facilitation is a profound consciousness awakening process that brings real-time awareness to the many parts or Selves that make up what we identify as our personality.  It brings freedom from unconscious defended patterns of choice from the past that continue to limit us in present time.


We often refer to parts or Inner Selves in our everyday language when we say “A part of me feels/wants —-“

Each Inner Self is a unique, dynamic aspect of our psyche that has his/her own personality, interests, thoughts, feelings, opinions and energies. An Inner Self is born in response to life experiences, family dynamics and the developmental environment.

These Selves exist whether we are conscious of them or not.

  • The Pusher and the Carefree Self
  • The Caretaker and the Self – Nurturer
  • The Perfectionist and the Imperfect Self
  • The Rule Maker and the Rebel
  • The Dependent and the Independent Self
  • The Addict and the Disciplined Self
  • The Inner Patriarch and the Inner Matriarch
  • The Critic and the Inner Teacher
  • The Inner Parent and the Inner Child

As we build awareness and embrace all our inner selves, we strengthen our capacity to make conscious life choices.  We retrieve, reconnect to the gifts and resources within each self and open shamanic heart energies through compassion towards the protection we received from these parts.

Through this mindful wisdom pathway, we develop a witness and awareness that allows us to observe with less reactivity and judgement.

The Witness and Awareness

  • becomes the director of their inner resources
  • acts as an observer of their actions and reactions
  • shifts consciousness to a more aware state
  • makes more choiceful decisions
  • develops the ability to nurture and enjoy greater intimacy and authenticity in personal relationships.
  • develops practical tools that can encourage effective inner and interpersonal communication
  • discovers the capability that can give rise to choosing actions rather than reacting to old patterns of behaviour
  • reveals the hidden parts of you, along with their resource that can support you now
  • find the language that can express and explore the experiences, feelings and beliefs of Selves without judgment or threat

As Inner Selves are brought to consciousness, they can become the source of greater self-knowledge, compassion and understanding. This can give us the capability and inner resources to live with with more balance, empowerment and awareness.

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