Energy Medicine

The goal of energy therapy is to balance the disruptions in energy systems of the body. The protocols for this process may involve physical, spiritual and emotional healing and is based on light touch.

Energy Medicine therapies allow trained practitioners to work with the Luminous Energy Field and Chakras to balance, rejuvenate energetic systems, unblock meridians of light, and clear energetic cords for improved energy flow.

Energy Medicine therapies include Integrated Energy Therapy, Shamanic Energetics, Chakra Therapy, Axiatonal Alignment Therapy,  and Munay Ki.

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Transpersonal Coaching

Lorena facilitates a bridge-building process that is designed to support your well-being. The work begins with meeting you where you presently are in your life and then guides you to discover a path that can transport you to finding your deeper capacity for authenticity, intimacy and joy. The foundation of the bridge you build rests on helping you learn how to achieve inner balance in order to operate in present time  so that your future creations are both doable and sustainable.

Lorena’s services partner with you to build solid inner pathways that can provide opportunities to uncover the dormant potential within you. She introduces you to skills and tools that you can use to expand and grow. She teaches you how to create your own template for meeting future change and life challenges with awareness and capability.

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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Individual and Couples Sessions

In working with Lorena, her therapeutic approach and training focus on creating inner emotional and psychological balance for clients. Through a client centred environment, therapy supports clients to reconnect with their authentic identity, shift dissonant beliefs and increase personal self-esteem.

Through mind, body and spirit healing processes, clients are given the opportunity to expand their self-understanding, advance their personal evolution and increase their awareness. These potential outcomes can support their ability to embrace interdependence, intimacy and discernment in their relationships in life.

Psychotherapy pathways include Inner Selves/Inner Parts Therapy, System Family Systems, NLP Cognitive and Timeline Therapy, Emotional Clearing, Shamanic and Energetic Therapy, Attachment and Development Therapy.

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