Pathways to Wisdom Coaching and Facilitation

“Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein

Energetic, Shamanic or Vibrational alignment works with the subtle body for the purpose of mind-body-spirit alignment and optimal wellness.  With this embodied balance, we can co-create from our full potential.

Transpersonal Coaching and Shamanic Integration sessions can be booked online through Zoom. The sessions are facilitated in an evolutionary chair to chair format.

The subtle body from a Shamanic healing approach is a much broader journey into consciousness which journeys through 22 chakras both within and outside the body.  It includes multiple dimensions of consciousness taking us into deeper mind-body-spirit empowerment and resources to create.

Embodied means that we journey, heal, transform for the purpose of creating healthy relationships, families, soul-fulfilled lives and contributions to the community.

Sacred Awakening and Transpersonal pathways include the following consciousness and energetic pathways.

  • Shamanic Reiki, integration of Usui Reiki and Shamanism
  • Earth Consciousness and Elemental Allies
  • Sacred Consciousness through the symbolic spiritual language of Archetypes
  • Chakra Shadow Energetics and Illumination
  • Authentic Awakening through Emotional Literacy
  • Sacred Evolution of Inner Selves through Medicine Wheel
  • Soul Alignment and Personality Inner Balance Manifesting
  • Shamanic Journey Timeline
  • Ancestral Connections and Family Soul Field Facilitation
  • Sacred Evolution through the Rays of Vibrational Light for clearing and illumination
  • Soul Constellations, family soul field connection, alignment and retrieval
  • Relationship vibrational healing:  energetic entanglements, enmeshments, identifications, rejections, attachment, interrupted energetic bonds, soul loss, parts retrieval
  • Inner Alignment vibrational healing:  inner parts energetics, soul light retrieval and balance, resource anchoring and reconnection.
  • Energetic development of boundaries in the subtle field, physical and relational fields.
  • Evolving the LEF- luminous energy field and the capacity for higher vibrations of light and frequency
  • Anchoring and building capacity to access and activate vibrational states of soul qualities
  • Development of energetic emotional literacy.  Expanding capacity to activate high vibration emotional states
  • Expanding the embodiment of the spiritual self, expanding the capacity to inhabit the body
  • Opening the cosmic connection  of the physical and subtle body to increased soul light and to the natural cycles of earth, nature and creation
  • Activating Spiritual Vision through Munay Ki Evolution
  •  Upper World, the Middle World or Lower World transformational journeys
  • Expanded perceptions, consciousness and spiritual insight through tools such as NLP Metaphysical coaching
  • Connecting with the Future Selves through NLP Future Pacing, a tool used to integrate and imprint the new perceptions and visions into the future.

Lorena, a mother of two amazing children and grandmother is passionate about facilitating others to align with their full potential through vibrational healing and embodied spirituality.  She brings a diverse background to her wellness practice and teaching including decades of experience in non-profit executive leadership, 15 years as a Psychotherapist and Registered Psychotherapist, Coach and Energy Practitioner and 8 years as Instructor in the Spiritual/Holistic Psychotherapy Training Program at Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Studies in Toronto.   Lorena holds various master teacher and practitioner credentials in vibrational and energy modalities. As a Psycho-Spiritual and Professional Coach, she integrates NLP,  Emotional Literacy, Mindful Relationships, Family Constellations and Inner Alignment modalities.

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Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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