Shamanic Essentials


Alchemy Pathways presents a Professional Development Day

Shamanic Wisdom Workshop

A psycho-spiritual professional development pathway designed for Therapists, Coaches and Holistic Practitioners to introduce shamanic techniques for your practice. 

Shamanic Essentials for Your Practice

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Reconnect to Your Full Potential – Reclaim Lost Parts of You

The Shamanic path focuses on reconnecting us to our full potential through the healing and retrieving of split parts of us and fragments of our soul with the result that we can live from our personal power and wholeness. Shamanic Wisdom  works through the human energy field and moves between multiple levels of consciousness.  Its intention is to clear energetic blockages and facilitate the healing of split and disowned parts and the traumas of psyche and soul both on an individual, family and collective level of consciousness.


Shamanic Essentials Workshops integrates the ancient wisdom and art of shamanic healing traditions with a transpersonal approach to therapy and healing practices.

Shamanic Essentials is a workshop designed for therapists, counsellors, coaches and holistic practitioners wishing to learn shamanic wisdom pathways, experiential journeys and processes that can enhance their practice.

Shamanic tools include shamanic guided journeying, learning about the upper chakras and shamanic levels of consciousness and other techniques. This workshop will provide a personal healing experience that expands the self and educates for the purpose of facilitating others. The day will be spent learning some of the basic principles and protocols that create a complete healing experience for clients.

 Shamanic Essentials Topics

  • Opening Ritual and Sacred Space Ceremony
  • Traditional Shamanism and the Contemporary Approach
  • Shamanic States of Consciousness and Induction Methods
    • Breathwork , Trance, Drumming
  • Exploring the 12 chakra system and the upper 5 chakras of Shamanic Consciousness
  • Shamanic Reiki
  • Shamanic Journey Skill Development
  • Shamanic Perception: Maps of Reality
  • Guided Journey to the Lower World connecting with Power Animals and Spirit Guides                                  


What It Costs…What You Get

The workshop fee is $195 and includes the following:

  • Workshop Materials
  • Experiential Shamanic Therapeutic Process Tools
  • Personal experience Shamanic Guided Journey
  • Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Session Outline and Demo
  • Gift Certificate for $50 Shamanic Wisdom Energy Session or Shamanic Wisdom Mentoring Individual Session
  • Munay Ki Rites will be available to those interested

About Your Workshop trainer and facilitator:

Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapist, Teacher, NLP and Trance Facilitator, Shamanic and Holistic Practitioner.  She has been Director and Therapist at Alchemy Holistics since 2006.  She is a graduate and Instructor in the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program at Transformational Arts College in Toronto.

Her Shamanic Practice training includes the South and West Lightbody training with the Four Winds Society, the North Inkan Medicine Wheel with Red and White Carnations, Munay Ki Rites Instructor Training.

She is a graduate of Luminessence Light Body Program, Integrated Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Belvaspata  and Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner.  As Voice Dialogue (Inner Selves) Facilitator she trained directly with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, authors of  “Embracing Our Selves” and is certified as an Emotional Clearing Facilitator.  She is a certified Master NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner and a NLP Professional Coach.  Present studies include Family Constellations Facilitation.

Give Yourself and Your Clients the Gift of Shamanic Wisdom

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