Shamanic Reiki

Cascading Stream under Sunlight in Forest

Shamanic Reiki Introduction Workshop

Shamanic Reiki integrates the ancient wisdom and art of shamanic healing traditions with the Usui Reiki practice.

This workshop is designed for therapists, counsellors, coaches and holistic practitioners wishing to learn shamanic wisdom pathways, experiential journeys and processes that can enhance their practice. This workshop integrates the ancient wisdom and shamanic healing traditions with mind, body and spirit energy medicine practices.

 Spring woods

Shamanic Reiki Master Training

Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Program consists of four one-day workshops hosted monthly.  With the completion of all four workshops, a Shamanic Reiki Master Certificate is awarded.  The individual workshops can also be taken as personal interest.

Click on the first Shamanic Reiki Essentials to get details.  Stay tuned as each workshop is published.

  1. Shamanic Reiki Essentials
  2. Shamanic Reiki Journey
  3. Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections
  4. Shamanic Reiki Mastery Soul Retrieval

Moon n mountains

Shamanic Reiki Sessions

Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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