Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections

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Shamanic Reiki workshops are for education and information purposes.  Shamanic Reiki is a metaphysical, spiritual healing modality.  It does not intend to diagnose or constitute medical or psychotherapeutic advice or treatment.  A professional healthcare provider should be consulted for any physical or mental illness.

Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections Workshop

Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections is the third in a series of workshops leading to the Shamanic Reiki Facilitator Certificate.  This workshop can be taken as part of the Shamanic Reiki Facilitator Certificate or on its own for personal or professional interest.

This workshop integrates Usui Reiki, Usui Reiki Symbols for creating the Shamanic State of Consciousness and connecting with the Family Field or Soul.  Ancestral Connections draws upon Family Soul Constellations and Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections.

A Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections Session often begins with a Family Soul Constellations Coaching Exercise as an awareness and information tool.  This exercise opens the family field or soul awareness of unresolved events, emotions and relationships that may be affecting the family field.

These sessions integrate Shamanic Reiki Journey and Shamanic Reiki Energetic Chords with family soul constellations.  Components of Family Soul Constellations include family entanglements, merging and loyalty bonds.  Ancestral Shamanic Reiki Constellations are rooted in the tradition of Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger from Germany in the ’70s.  The work of Mark Wolynn brings us the four unconscious themes operating as blocks to life force flow in the family soul field.

Workshop Topics

The workshop materials are strictly for information and education and not intended for therapeutic purposes.  The exercises are coaching and energy practice awareness tools facilitated through shamanic energy and light frequency processes.

  1. Shamanic Reiki Mesa 3 stones for the throat and third eye chakras colours: blue, turquoise, indigo
  2. Shamanic Journey to access energetic of three wounds related to the throat and third eye chakras and anchor them in the three stones brought by the participant
  3. Foundation principles of family field or soul constellations
    • Unresolved events that impact the family field or soul and affect intergenerational energetic blockages
    • Four unconscious themes that interrupt the Shamanic Flow of Life Energy
    • Understanding the Shamanic Life Force flow through the family constellation energetic field
  1. Key Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Processes
    • Accessing the family field or soul
    • Shamanic Ancestral Altar
    • Energetic Processes and Protocols to facilitate Ancestral Healing
    • Understanding Energetic blocks to Ancestral Life Force Flow
    • Identifying Ancestral Energetic Unresolved Emotions
    • Ancestral Entanglements and Chords
  2. Shamanic Light: Colour Frequencies and Meaning

Practice Demonstrations

  • Demonstration for Ancestral Connections Shamanic Reiki Altar Facilitation
  • Demonstration for Ancestral Connections Shamanic Journey energetic connection with ancestors Facilitation
  • Demonstration for a Group Ancestral Constellations Shamanic Journey Facilitation

What it costs and What You Get

  • Workshop fee is 195
  • Workshop Manual PDF Format
  • Mesa Development the North Direction (instructions to be provided)
  • Munay Ki Rites #6 and #7
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Practitioner Tools

Background Information on Ancestral and Family Soul Constellations Energetic Connections

  • Shamanic Reiki Ancestral Connections integrates Family Soul Constellations. Family Constellations is a psycho-spiritual body of work developed by Bert Hellinger, described as one of the most respected and innovative therapists in the world today. The Systemic Family Constellations theory developed by Hellinger after years of observation and constellations work, suggests that there is an inter-generational transference of beliefs, behaviours, energies and traumas that are unconscious, emotional, psychological as well as physical. These inherited characteristics and energies can be the invisible root of disturbances and imbalances in an individual’s life that can sabotage health and well-being.
  • In an individual session, the facilitator may set up an altar with objects to create an energetic connection with ancestors and family members. The facilitator and client may connect directly through Shamanic Journey or Shamanic Reiki Journey with the energy of the family dynamic being explored or family soul.
  • In a group format, participants may embody and energetically connect to the unique family soul and its dynamics so that the client can experience visual, kinesthetic, auditory and knowing about unresolved blocks to the flow of life force within their family soul/system.  The Shamanic Reiki approach is spiritual and energetic. The Shamanic Constellations work is not role-playing, nor does it explore the family story or use therapeutic tools to heal trauma, that is all in the realm of psychotherapy.  Shamanic light journey, ancestral energetic healing, altar constellations, energetic transmission and connection tools are used in the work.
  • Words are rarely used when connecting to what is referred to as the “field” in family constellation teachings.   Movements body, soul, dynamics and insight happen through family and ancestral soul connection.  Family Constellations language of the soul, intuitively guided and truth sentences are offered by the Facilitator to support understanding, insight and shifts of perception.

This workshop is not suitable for anyone suffering from or diagnosed with severe depression, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, psychosis, severe compulsive or obsessive disorder, or any other severe and self-limiting mental health condition.

Inner Balance Coach and Sacred Awakening Facilitator

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