Shamanic Energetic Therapy

Everything in existence has a spirit, vibrates at an energetic frequency and is interconnected through the web of life.

Shamanic practice is a powerful and ancient mind, body and spirit healing art, which dates back 77,000 years.

With the assistance of practitioners called Shaman, this wisdom tradition works with the human energy field using energy, sound and light techniques to provide direct access to the wisdom, guidance and healing capability of helping spirits or spirit guides.

In ancient times, the Shaman was a medical intuitive, conduit, and channel for guidance from spirit who communicated with the spiritual, non-physical world.

Today, Shamanic Practitioners utilize that same mind, body and soul approach to offer health and healing that focuses on returning power and wholeness to the client.

The Energy Link to Life’s Challenges

From the Shamanic perspective, we are born with 100% connection to our Essence – we have full access to our gifts, talents, strengths and possess vibrant life force energy.

As we travel our human journey, life can present traumatic challenges that diminish this Essence.

Such traumas as abuse, loss of loved one, surgery, accident, illness, miscarriage, abortion, stress of combat, addiction, incest to name a few can be part of life that cause us to form protective defenses. As we grow and develop, we also are conditioned to accept imposed roles, adaptations, projections and inter-generational transfers that further weaken our access to wholeness and potential.

All of these experiences have an energetic component to them and result in some distortion or disconnect from our life force. In Shamanic terms, parts of us energetically split away or in the most intense response, we encounter Soul Loss.

The Opportunity for Healing

Reconnect to Your Full Potential –  Reclaim Lost Parts of You

Shamanic Energetic Therapy moves between multiple levels of consciousness and encompasses the individual, the family and the collective aspects of existence in order to offer clients healing.

Experiences of inner longing, emptiness, emotional numbness can be illuminated through shamanic energetics and journeys, shifts and reconnections may result through its emotional healing and clearing techniques.

This technique can assist clients to:

  • reconnect to their full potential and to restore wholeness in their lives.
  • Learn how to conduct their own healing shamanic journey
  • Increase passion and energy to pursue desires by reconnection with lost aspects of themselves
  • Heighten their awareness of multi-dimensional reality
  • Retrieve parts and fragments of the soul that for any number of reasons have been split off,
  • Facilitate the healing of those split and fragmented parts,
  • Clear energetic blockages,
  • Heal any traumas that have been experienced by psyche and soul.
  • Bring awareness and shifts to limiting life patterns and beliefs.
  • Normalize relationship, work, health, family or ancestral intergenerational patterns that no longer serve.
  • Increase inner balance through aligning the inner masculine or feminine archetypal energies.
  • Complete ancestral soul work, healing ancestral trauma or burdens, family soul constellations, chord and bond entanglements
  • Release repressed or suppressed feelings, and parts of self
  • Re-balance relationships that are out of balance or that lack intimacy and connection
  • Address physical health issues that often begin in the luminous energy field through chronic stress, energy blockages: emotional, psychological, and ancestral.

Clear and Balance Energy

Shamanic Practice processes clear and balance the Causal (Spirit), Psychic (Soul), Mental-Emotional (Mind) and Physical Body that are harmed by the influences of the human experience.

The focus of shamanic therapy is to return power and wholeness to the client through a number of directed practices such as Shamanic Energetic sessions which work with the human energy field to:

  • extract blockages
  • clear energy
  • return parts of soul lost through trauma and life experiences
  • re-access power animals lost during traumatic experiences.

Soul Loss and RetrievalA Pivotal Shamanic Healing Process

When we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive the experience and to escape the full impact of the pain. This is known as dissociation or splitting by psychologists or psychotherapists. In Shamanic terms, it is called Soul Loss.

It takes a tremendous psychic energy to try to look for and regain these lost parts of ourselves. This energy drain is mostly unconscious and expresses in life in our dreams, in our experimenting with spiritual modalities and pathways, in our attracting relationships that mirror back to us our missing parts – because we project those missing parts onto others.

Symptoms of Soul Loss and Trauma:

  • feeling spaced out or deadened, in a sense a type of anesthetic;
  • being the child who doesn’t feel loved or is abandoned
  • experiencing gaps in memory,
  • feelings of estrangement and depersonalization, like being an observer of life without emotional feeling
  • chronic depression

The Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is a foundational Shamanic Practice process that can be used for many intentions.  This is a skill that can be learned both in training and during the experience of Shamanic Energetic Sessions.

The Pathways to Shamanic Wisdom ~ can be achieved through any of these processes within a session:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Connecting with Ancestors
  • Connecting with Spirit
  • Connecting with Nature and Elements
  • Connecting with Power Animals
  • Invoking qualities that are needed for a life transition
  • Accessing spiritual or soul qualities for growth
  • Accessing Family Systems and Soul Constellations


Shamanic Energetic/Psychotherapy Session

The session begins with the creation and honouring of sacred space and engaging the ecosphere through the four directions.

The Client and Practitioner set an intention and connect with higher levels of consciousness and spirit.

The Practitioner may have a Mesa with Medicine Stones or Crystals, one of which can be selected by the client to be used in the session.

When you participate in a Shamanic Energetic or Psychotherapy session, there is a basic flow to the process that you can expect to experience, although some of it will vary depending on the choices you made in consultation with your facilitator.

  • Create Sacred Space
  • Breathwork as a spiritual practice
  • Illumination of Human Energy Field, Aura and Chakras
  • Use of trance and journey techniques
  • Spiritual invoking of ancestral resources
  • Inviting of Ancient Lineage of Healers
  • Connecting with Power Animals
  • Invoking Family Systems and Soul Constellations
  • Connecting with healing earth medicine
  • Receiving Munay Ki -Rites of Initiation

A Shamanic Energetic session can be experienced as strictly Energetic or can include Shamanic Psychotherapy.

Session Process

The Practitioner aligns and balances the 12 chakras and the auric levels of the luminous energy field. Working with light and frequency, a shamanic energetic session can clear the chakras and the aura of psycho-spiritual or psycho-somatic blockages.

It can also expand the human Light Body by increasing the LEF’s (Luminous Energy Field – a term created by Alberto Villodo of the Four Winds Society) capacity to vibrate in higher frequencies.

Blockages can be extracted through the application of various accepted Shamanic methods.

NLP Perceptual Positions and Re-framing techniques can be used to release old beliefs and to create new perceptions and transformed beliefs that shift and heal our identity and life story.


NLP Future Pacing is a tool that can be used to integrate and imprint the new perceptions and visions into the future.

Shamanism is not a religion but a way of life that is practiced with humility, reverence, self-discipline and gratitude.

Your Shamanic Energetics or Shamanic Psychotherapy Sessions facilitator and guide will be Lorena Colarusso, Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner

You are invited to contact us for further information, inquiry or to book a session with Lorena.


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