Soul Energetics

Soul Energetic sessions are facilitated through an illuminated mind and compassionate heart approach to reconnecting with the authentic self. 

Lorena Colarusso transpersonal coach and energy practitioner incorporates a multi-faceted approach in her Soul Energetics individual sessions. Soul Energetics draw on the foundation of shamanics, along with a variety of holistic and coaching pathways to energetic sessions.

While Lorena is known for her intuitive connections, through Soul Energetics, she integrates decades of shamanic development, energy training, spiritual processes and coaching pathways.  Soul Energetic sessions are facilitated through an illuminated mind and compassionate heart approach to healing the personal chakras and luminous energy field along with external energy fields.  Sessions navigate through the shamanic lower world, middle world and upper world.  The movement is from personal consciousness to family soul consciousness and collective archetypes.

Sessions begin with a client intake form, followed by an energetic and soul inspired assessment to decide the next step in the journey of reconnection with the authentic self. A soul inspired coaching approach is integrated to transform limiting beliefs and energetic blockages and to anchor higher self-vibrations through soul language, archetypes and images and kinesthetics.

Soul Energetics are personalized for each client and may include any combination of the following:

  • Creation of sacred personal and environmental space
  • Rejuvenation of the Luminous Energy Field and Vibrational Frequency
  • Clearing and Balancing Chakras as a pathway to manifestation and reconnection to the authentic self.
  • Transformation of energetic entanglements and chords that prevent manifestation from the authentic self.
  • Chakra alignment of archetypes and inner parts accessing full energetic and personal potential
  • Illumination of Chakras through attunement to soul based emotions.
  • Expansion of Heart Chakra movement from personal love into the Higher Heart vibrations
  • Third Eye Spiritual Vision: Self-awareness and transformation of limiting beliefs and perceptions that prevent manifestation from the authentic self
  • Linking Crown Chakra to Upper Chakras and the experience of interconnection.
  • Attuning Root Chakra to the Life force energy of the Earth Chakra
  • Affirmation and Self-Concept grounded in the heart chakra
  • Development of a Shamanic State of Consciousness through Journeywork
  • Journey into the Lower World to assist the clearing of chakra energy blockages
  • Journey into the Upper World to retrieve and access aspects of self and soul

Lorena may integrate one or all the following allies during an Energetic Soul session

  • Aura-Soma – 49 essences of trees, flowers, crystals, herbs
  • Divine and Intuitive Connections
  • Shamanic and Reiki Trance
  • Archetype and Inner Parts
  • Ancestral Connections
  • Family Soul Constellations
  • Sacred Space
  • Transformational Altars
  • Shamanic Soul Journeys, Illumination and Retrieval
  • Reiki and Symbols
  • Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Sigils
  • Acupressure Points and Meridians
  • Soul Language
  • Crystal Grids
  • Healing Sound and Music

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Wisdom and Ancestral Constellations Facilitation

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