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Different from Psychotherapy, Soul Constellations Coaching looks at one’s present life situation and, in partnership with a coach develops a vision, objectives and plan of action for change and growth.  Whether it be health, relationship, career, finance or family, the coaching process identifies what is not working and builds a bridge between the innate potential of possibility to live differently and its actualization in everyday life.

Soul Constellations works with multiple levels of consciousness including our individual soul and family soul constellation.

Soul Constellations Coaching is a pathway that can

  • help identify and transform barriers to well-being and provide pragmatic support toward your transformation
  • identifying goals and setting up action plans to reach them
  •  understanding and shifting energetic and personality blocks that prohibit the achievement of those goals
  • setting up an accountability system to maintain the momentum
  • address energetic limitations from both personal or collective family soul and ancestral consciousness
  • build self-esteem, self-understanding, compassion and inner balance through Inner Selves facilitation
  • embrace conflicted parts of you to create the necessary inner alignment for action
  • access positive vibrational and energetic frequencies for soul centred manifestation
  • access multi-level resources both spirit, psyche and nature allies to support manifesting from the soul
  • integrate spiritual soul loss through shamanic retrieval
  • utilise NLP strategies to help defuse old programs and beliefs
  •  build Mindful Relationship dynamics awareness and communication skills
  • learning boundaries and assertive communication
  • learning expansive and supportive relationship dynamics and communication
  • bridge deeper connection through understanding personal attachment styles

Soul Constellations Coaching draws on the foundation of inner selves awareness.

This ego awareness involves a process of identifying and understanding the unique parts of us and embracing the soul essence at the heart of each part of us. Through this journey compassion for both the parts that support us and those that resist creates inner balance and self-acceptance.  From this soul empowered and authentic self-identity our life potential and goals can be clarified and aligned with joy and soul purpose.

The process reconnects with spirit and its presence in all aspects of self and highlights the interconnectedness of all creation.  Soul Inspired includes tools such as shamanic journey, shamanic reconnection to wholeness through soul retrieval.  The mystical, archetypal realms of earth, spirit, nature allies become resources for Soul Inspired Coaching.

The Relationship Coaching aspect of Soul Inspired brings in the field of Attachment Mastery and understanding bonding patterns, how they affect relationship dynamics and development at different stages of life and relationships.

Coaching and Energy Medicine services facilitated by Lorena Colarusso and are all about transformation and personal growth.  Her approach is transpersonal and brings multiple levels of awareness into the coaching process.  Tools that are part of the process include  Voice Dialogue Inner Selves Facilitation, Transpersonal Coaching, Shamanic Energetics, Attachment Mastery, Relationship Dynamics, NLP, Family Soul Constellations.

Lorena is committed to a partnership based on encouragement, self-reliance and empowerment. She offers the opportunity to shift self-awareness; understand dynamics, balance emotions; discover inner selves; and access the hidden, unlimited power that is available to all.  Her focus is to support positive change in perceptions and ultimately in life and relationships.

You are invited to Contact her if you have any questions, inquiries or would like to book a free discovery consultation or a soul constellations session with Lorena Colarusso.

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Inner Balance Coach and Sacred Awakening Facilitator

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