Soul Constellations


Soul Constellations is a Mentorship and Facilitation 

Soul Constellations is a shamanic, facilitation and coaching pathway based on the family constellations work of Bert Hellinger and Mark Wolyn. It is a type of consciousness work that moves beyond the personal or individual soul to the collective consciousness of the family soul field.

Soul Constellations integrates shamanic principles, ancestral soul connections, family constellation guiding principles of family conscience, entanglements, dynamics the impact of unresolved energetics with the intergenerational family system.

AncestraSoul Constellations is a multi-dimensional soul and a relationship dynamics healing pathway.  It can generate moments of insight and energetic healing of bonds, influences, loyalties to ancestral unresolved energetics.

Mentorship and facilitation are available through an individual online format.

Tools for the individual session include information exercises, family genograms to identify energetic patterns and identify unconscious energetic patterns and cords. Shamanic processes such as journey, ancestral energetic healing, altar constellations, energetic transmission are incorporated. Future-oriented coaching, visioning and perceptual shifts are also incorporated.


Contact Lorena for online Facilitation or for information on upcoming Mentorship series.


Inner Balance Coach and Sacred Awakening Facilitator

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