Strategic Learning Alliance

Lorena CPC

Strategic Learning Alliance (SLA) Certified Professional Coach

About Strategic Learning Alliance

SLA, a non-profit management organization, provides third-party accreditation, certification and association services, working in collaboration with the Society of Applied Professional Sciences, Ontario College of Development Training and other organizations to deliver applied professional certifications and/or applied professional degrees/diplomas.

The alliance members work to research, measure, and establish applied-learning professional programs incorporating the disciplines of applied-learning, applied-research and applied-leadership.

Our certifications are relevant across industries. Not only do they represent expected performance standards set by our committees of subject matter experts, they also carry accredited academic recognition.

To date these applied-learning certifications include:

  • Coaching
  • Negotiations
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Associate

By acting as the independent credentialing non-profit organization, we ensure:

  • Learning programs use a Professionalism: Effectively Applied Knowledge (PEAK™) process to develop and prepare candidates for certification
  • Participants demonstrate applied-business and applied-learning fundamentals

This occurs through an immersion-based certification experience focused on measured competencies of the whole-person specific to the intended professional designation a candidate is seeking. As part of our mission, we coordinate the applied-learning professional association conferences and events.

All SLA certified professionals are members. Certifications require 24 hours of continuing education units every 2 years. To this end, our certified members demonstrate a commitment to continuous applied-learning and top professional performance.

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