Your Remarkable Inner Critic: A Shamanic Approach

A Shamanic Journey and Inner Selves approach to embracing the hidden resources and gifts of your Inner Critic. 

A personal and professional development education workshop.

Facilitator:  Lorena Colarusso RP International Voice Dialogue Facilitator

Fee:  $155    Contact to express your interest:

Host and Location to be announced

This workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to embrace and align their inner parts to increase self-compassion, self-understanding and psycho-spiritual strength. The experiential nature of the workshop will provide tools for personal and professional practice

Understanding the power of the Inner Critic to affect self-esteem and block motivation and action towards our goals is important for coaches, energy practitioners and therapists.

This approach integrates shamanic journey and voice dialogue facilitation to understanding and embracing our Inner Critic focuses on getting to the root of obstacles to Inner Balance and Success.  The Critic’s anxiety and fear at each human developmental stage will be explored.

When the Inner Critic is embraced it can become a powerful inner ally supporting us to reach our visions, goals and full potential.

Traits of the Critic Energy when transformed and embraced:

  • It acts like a positive parent who supports you, makes your risk-taking safe, and allows you to be creative and flowing.
  • It is impersonal and does not allow you to worry about what others will think.
  • It helps you set appropriate boundaries.
  • It is no longer interested in other people’s criticisms, so they do not bother you. This helps to free you from the fear of shame and humiliation.
  • Its power gives you greater authority in the world.
  • It brings you the ability to focus clearly.
  • As an objective mind, it analyzes events without emotion coolly, without making either you or others wrong.
  • Its objective evaluations of situations help you to behave appropriately and with self-discipline
  • It helps you to get appropriate consultation and advice without making you feel that this is a sign of inadequacy.
  • It can direct you to self-improvement as growth or as an adventure rather than as a chore because nothing is “wrong\” with you. It does not talk about symptoms or problems.

— From Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone:  Embracing the Inner Critic

The Inner Critic is a powerful Inner Self or Sub-Personality for most of us. It is one voice inside us that can stop our creativity, our growth, our development of potential through its power to humiliate shame and destroy our self-esteem.

The Inner Critic, without embracing and reparenting, challenges most of us.  It creates obstacles on our personal development paths.  The unrelenting Inner Critic operates from an ancient internal system of self-protection that served us at one time in our lives. It is an authoritative voice inside us that acts as a lens filtering, beliefs, fears, perceptions and information.

The Critic is the Voice that criticizes us and the Judge is the voice that criticizes others. The Critic, Inner Self or Voice develops throughout our childhood, a sponge soaking up all the messages, criticisms from the people around us, our family, parents, culture, religion, gender.  The energetic strength of the Critic and the Judge correlate; the stronger our Inner Critic the stronger our Judgment of others

When embraced, the Inner Critic has gifts for us. We can mine the gold within the energetic power of Critic consciousness.  This can happen through a process of separation from identification with its messages.  It can transform through the healing of both the inner child and the inner critic and through the strengthening of the opposite forces: the inner teacher and inner parent.  Both of these inner resources expand the wise self within us.

Working with the Inner Selves can open the potential for resolving inner conflict.  Exploring our Inner Selves can lead to an understanding of emotional reactivity, impulsive parts, transforming limiting beliefs and the inner critic, reconnecting to authentic magical child parts.  All this can increase resilience, compassion and emotional intelligence. It can support us to develop practical tools that can encourage effective inner and interpersonal communication. Facilitation can help us discover the capacity to choose actions rather than reacting to old patterns of behaviour and reveal the hidden parts of you that can be embraced to support you now. Often the work of Voice Dialogue helps find the language that can express and explore experiences, feelings and beliefs of Selves without judgment or threat. The Shamanic approach integrates energetics and journey.

As Inner Selves are brought to consciousness, they can become the source of greater self-knowledge, compassion and understanding. This can give us the capability and inner resources to operate in our lives with more balance, choice, empowerment and awareness.

This workshop is not suitable for anyone suffering from severe clinical depression, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, psychosis, compulsive or obsessive disorder, or any other severe and self-limiting mental health condition.

 Workshop Facilitator

Lorena Colarusso CPC, International Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Retired Psychotherapist. Her passion is facilitating personal development for those seeking inner balance, spiritual growth and a life lived from their full potential.  She is a graduate of the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program and was a Voice Dialogue Instructor for 8 years at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. As a Certified Professional Coach, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, Lorena incorporates a mind, body and spirit approach in her practice.  Her training as a Voice Dialogue Facilitator was completed directly with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, authors and founders of the psychology of selves and aware ego process.  Accomplished as a Reiki Master, Belvaspata Grand Master, Shamanic Practitioner; Lorena integrates energetic pathways into psycho-emotional therapies. Her Shamanic training with the Four Winds Society.



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